NFL Week 1 Rundown

By Bo Pierce

With the NFL season kicking off, everyone is excited to see their favorite teams make it to the playoffs. But only a few teams are able to make it, so the countdown to Super Bowl LI begins.


Panthers- 20 Broncos-21

NFL: Carolina Panthers at Denver Broncos

Panthers miss a field goal in the final seconds of the game, giving the Broncos their first win of the season.


Vikings-25 Titans-16

Minnesota Vikings v Tennessee Titans

Titans defense can’t stop the Vikings as they score 25 points in the second half to them their first win.


Bears-14 Texans-23


Bears fall to Texans in the second half as Houston scores 13 points, giving Houston a win in the first week.


Browns-10 Eagles-29


Eagles show dominance in the first week by taking down the Browns by a score of 19.


Bills-7 Ravens-13


Bills fail to score against Ravens in week one and end the game scoring only a touchdown.

Chargers-27 Chiefs-33


Chargers take a defining lead in the first half only for the Chiefs to make a comeback, and score a touchdown in overtime to win.


Raiders-35 Saints-34

Jacksonville Jaguars v New Orleans Saints

Saints can’t stop the Raiders forever as Oakland scores 22 points in the fourth for the win.

Bucs-31 Falcons-24


Bucs not backing down this week as they ended the game with 31 points against one of their division rivals.


Bengals- 23 Jets-22


A close game to the end gives the Bengals their opportunity to kick the game winning field goal.


Packers- 27 Jags-23


Another close game ends with Green Bay tasting sweet, sweet victory over Jacksonville.


Dolphins-10 Seahawks-12


Seahawks and Dolphins barely scratching the surface in the first half, only scores were three field goals, both teams score touchdowns in the fourth but Seahawks manage to take the lead even with a blocked extra point.


Giants- 20 Cowboys-19

NFL: Preseason-New York Giants at New York Jets

A bitter rivalry between Giants and Cowboys, make this game more exciting. Giants won the game, only because the Cowboys couldn’t get out of bounds.


Lions-39 Colts-35


Lions taking a big lead in the first, 21-10, only to get overtaken by the Colts in the fourth. Lions with only 43 seconds get into range and kick a game winning field goal, plus the Colts gave the Lions a safety by throwing a forward pass to try to keep the game alive.


Patriots-23 Cardinals-21

NFL: New England Patriots at Arizona Cardinals

Even without Brady, Patriots still acquire the win over the Cardinals who missed a field goal that could’ve changed the game.


Steelers-38 Redskins-16

Steelers Redskins Football

This game showed that the Steelers are not to be messed with, giving Pittsburgh and Big Ben their first win.


Rams-0 49ers-28


A game that was one sided from the beginning, San Francisco showed up the Rams in week one.

Boys Soccer Feels Growing Pains in First Tournament

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Varsity team after the first game


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By Ricardo Ramirez

This past Thursday, August 26, the MCHS Boys Soccer Team kicked off their second season at the Cassville Classic Tournament. The Mustangs were looking to repeat last year’s success and win the tournament for the second year in a row. There was a lot of excitement going around the team as their first game against Thomas Jefferson approached, especially from varsity captain Alex Garcia.

“We’re going to win the tournament,”Garcia said before giving his prediction for the rest of the season “ The seniors we had were such an important piece of last year’s squad. This [Squad] needs more time to be together …but overall I think we’ll have a good start to the season.”

Thursday’s game went exactly how the Mustangs wanted to start the season off with a 4-0 victory over Thomas Jefferson, with multiple goals from Jeobany Marcos, Jose Valdez, and Eh Doh Say also provided some offensive spark, scoring one goal apiece.The Mustangs started Saturday with a highly tense match against New Covenant, The Mustangs controlled early on in the match, but New Covenant overpowered them to take the lead after what appeared to be a controversial call from the referee. The Mustangs would soon find an equalizer in the second half from Eh Doh Say with the goal assisted by Jeobany Marcos. New Covenant would go on to win the game in the dying last minutes of game to give the Mustangs their first defeat of the season.

The final match was against the host school, Cassville, the two teams looked evenly matched early in the game, but the Mustangs were quickly out powered by Cassville’s offense, leaving the Mustangs very frustrated with 4 of their players receiving yellow cards. The match ended with Cassville scoring 3 goals and keeping a clean sheet for their goalkeeper.

NFL Players of the Week (Preseason Edition)

By: Bo Pierce

With the NFL preseason coming to an end, everybody is hyped up for the season to begin. I’m here to give you the players of the week (preseason edition) in the NFC and AFC, offensively and defensively.

NFC Offensive Player 

Starting off in the NFC, my offensive player of the preseason is Dallas Cowboys QB Dak Prescott. He completed 39 of 50 passes ending up with a 78% completion percentage, plus he threw 454 yards averaging 9.1 yards. Also, he threw 5 touchdown passes, the most touchdown passes by a QB this preseason, and had the second best QB rating right behind Teddy Bridgewater, with a QB rating of 137.8.                                                

NFL: Preseason-Miami Dolphins at Dallas Cowboys
Dak Prescott, Cowboys #4

NFC Defensive Player

Now we’re talking about defense, my NFC defensive player of the preseason is 49er’s LB Marcus Rush. Marcus has a whopping 6 sacks; also has 2 forced fumbles and 1 interception, with a total of 8 tackles.


Marcus Rush, 49ers #44

AFC Offensive Player

My AFC offensive player of the preseason is Tennessee’s RB Derrick Henry, with 34 attempts for 216 yards, he averaged 6.4 per attempt and averaged 54 yards per game.                                                                                                                                           

Carolina Panthers v Tennessee Titans
Derrick Henry, Titans #2

AFC Defensive Player 

My AFC defensive player of the preseason is Jacksonville’s CB Josh Johnson, he had 2 interceptions; one of them being a pick six. Josh also had a combined 5 total tackles, 3 solo tackles and 2 assist; he also has 1 total sack.

Josh Johnson, Jacksonville #36


Well with the preseason coming to its final week, we’ve seen some high flying plays and outstanding players. Some players standout so much that they made my list, who are your Players Of the Week? Until next time, when we find out who stood out in the first week of the NFL season.