Basketball Senior Night – Live Broadcast

By County Current Staff

Through a collaboration of Mustang Media and the County Current staff, the senior night basketball games will be broadcasted live on the Mustang Media Youtube channel.

Watch the replay of the game

Go to the youtube channel during the games to watch the broadcast live. The broadcast will feature instant replay, scores, stats, and exclusive interview videos. Check out the video below for a sneak peak at the interviews that will be shown during breaks in the action.

Luke’s Minecraft Tutorials

By Luke Burruss

Hello all! I’m back for another video! This one is a bit glitchy and buggy and I mess up a bit. All in all, it isn’t my best work. In the future, I promise to take more time on it and make it better! Anyways, in this tutorial, I show you how to build a shulker box loading system that you can hook up to huge farms, for mass storages. Enjoy the video!

Wow! that was a bit sketchy. Thank you all for watching that video! Again I’ll do better in the future and take more time with each one. Stay Tuned, after a while I’ll be putting up a survival let’s play series. See ya next time!