Volleyball Season Wrap-up

Volleyball Season Wrap-up Interview
By Nerlinda Ada and Lydia Estrada

Volleyball Q&A

By Mattie Leach


I interviewed our new varsity volleyball coach, Logan Grab, about the coming volleyball season.

How long have you been coaching volleyball?

CG – I have been coaching volleyball for about 8 years.

What are you excited to see this season?

CG – I’m excited about us playing as a team, getting stronger. We had the jamboree last night and got a win under our belt, then we split one match and then lost one, but we know what we need to work on now so I’m looking forward to coming out and getting some more wins.


How much has the team changed so far from what you saw last year?

CG – I followed them quite a bit late year, and I was at a lot of their games. I’d say you’re going to be see a completely new team this year. You’re seeing a team that’s working together really well that’s really becoming the true definition of what a team is. Their skills have improved, too, so we are just going to keep working to improve that.

What new things are you bringing to the table?

CG – One of the things that i have really strived for us to have is a mutual respect for each other. A respect from players to coaches and vice versa. It’s not just volleyball; it’s about building those relationships. We are in the right direction, so hopefully we can keep striving for that.


I also interviewed a couple of senior volleyball players (Nikki Salas and Emily Landers) to see how they thought of the new coach and the upcoming season.

How do you feel about having a new coach your senior year?

NS – I was kind of reluctant of it because change isn’t always good, but she has been coaching us really well.

EL – I was very excited when I found out it was her because she was my first volleyball coach, and now she will also be my last.

Has coach grab brought a lot of new things to the team?

NS – Yes, she has.  She has changed up a lot of stuff, but it has all been good.

EL – She has changed a lot, but she has kept it simple for us.

How do you feel after the jamboree?

NS – It went very well, we won 3 out of 6, so we are very confident going into the next few games.

EL – It was very fun, I hope we keep up the energy throughout the year.