eSports Q&A with JJ

By Cooper Lowery

How did this club start up?

(J.J. Richards) – This club started up last year, and I know that it started because of Jacob Cooper. He was a senior last year, and he was looking for another teacher to sponsor it with Douglas. (My dad) Mr.Richards came last year, so they’ve been working together with eSports.

This is JJ

What is League of Legends?

League of Legends is a free to play Moba, which means it is a top down view were each game is a round. Throughout the round, you get stronger, and when you finally lose or win, it resets back from where you were before.

Is playing with the team fun?

Playing with the team on League of legends is better than playing by yourself.

Through the first Two years of this club, how has the team evolved?

I feel like we got some more people who are on the varsity team who want to become better players. They weren’t stuck at the mindset of “I’m the best”, and this is the best that I can be, and the best I’m going to be forever.” Instead, we got people that say “I’m not that good, but I can get better.” And they have gotten better.

What role do you play most in League of Legends?

I play bottom lane AD Carry, which means that I am the one that is suppose to build attack damage and suppose to carry the game, but due to recent updates, it’s been pretty hard to carry as an ADC.

Do you play other games besides League of Legends?

Yes, I play Minecraft and a lot of Monster Hunter World, which is another co-op game and requires a lot of communication between the people playing.

Is there a future (after 2 years) for this club?

I feel like technology and eSports is becoming a bigger thing, and as it becomes bigger and better, so will this club.

Do you see yourself going to college to play for a college team?

Yes, I do see myself going there, but for now I don’t have a college in mind. I heard that MSU has an eSports club, but it’s not competitive as of this year.

Out of 10, how much do you like League of Legends?

It really depends on the game. There are games where I just want to uninstall the game, and then there are some games where I’m like 5 seconds later queuing up again. It’s a game that rides a lot on emotion and how you’re feeling that day and like where your energy level is at. if you’re playing by yourself, it’s not that fun. You’re just getting mad at yourself. If you’re playing with friends, you can be angry at each other and mess around a bit. It just makes the game fun.

How does being on the team make you feel?

It’s been a great time with them, and I’m going to miss these guys when I graduate.

Q&A with Jacob Pagel

By Cooper Lowery

This is Jacob Pagel

Question: What is your part in the club?

(Jacob): My part is the president of the club also the team captain.

What is your job as the president of the club?

My job is to make sure people aren’t horsing around. I also schedule games and as a team captain, I look out for the team and contact the other team we go against.

Why are you part of this club?

My first year I joined because I thought “This would be fun, it could be a cool hobby.” Then I found out you can get a scholarship for this, so now my main goal is to spread this to other people and get a scholarship.

Do you have plans in life that involves gaming?

I do have one big plan that involves gaming. I want to be in the LCS (professional eSports league). Even the academy would make me happy because that’s like one big step toward professional play.

Is playing with the team fun?

Yes, playing with the team is fun. There are times where we do have arguments over what to do, but overall, we have more good days over bad days.

What is League of Legends?

League of legends is a 5v5 multiplayer game, and the idea of it is for one team to destroy the other teams base and whoever does that first wins

This is Jacob Pagel playing League of Legends

What role do you play the most in League of Legends?

My main role is top lane. I like top lane because there’s a lot you have to think about top lane and a lot of rotation going on.  It’s also kind of the first role that I got into when I first started to play.

Is League the best game by far?

League is not the best game by far. To be honest it is an unbalanced game, and there are many other games that are better. But, this is the only game you can get a scholarship for.

Do you see a future in eSports?

I see a great future in this club because if we can expand this club to freshmen and sophomores and juniors before we graduate, then we can get them started on it. That would help it grow and grow. We would get more public.

Meet the MCHS LoL Teams

By Cooper Lowery

League of Legends, or LoL, is a game that features two teams of five in what amounts to an elaborate game of chess. Here at MCHS, our eSports team has two LoL squads. Each squad has five competitors and one sub in case a team member is gone.

Meet the A-squad

There are 6 players on the A-squad, including myself. The players on the A-squad are Jacob Pagel, Chase Cawood, JJ Richards, Cooper Lowery, Tristan Lawson, and Oswaldo Cabrera.

Meet the B-team

There are 5 people on the B-squad. The members are Trenton Wright, Triniti Torrez, Derek Williamson, Clyde Buchanan, Jayden T. Cheek-Syharaj.

In both squads, everyone is hardworking and are always improving on their game knowledge. Working as a team helps us get through the times that are the toughest, and these two squads work together really well. We have fun all the time, which makes Esports a terrific club when it comes to making friends.

MCHS Esports has two amazing coaches that help set times and help with our positivity toward each other. Without our coaches Esports would not be a thing.

“The best part about Esports is how you can choose the way you will play the game. Feel like destroying your enemy? Play an assassin. Want to become an indestructible beast? Play a tank. Feel like helping others? Play a support. The point is, you are not limited by your body type. The smallest girl can carry, the strongest guy can support. You decide the game, and how you want to play it.”

— Coach Douglass

Top 6 McDonald County Fortnite Plays

By Jacob Cooper 

Fortnite Fever has been breaking out in recent months. With their top player count hitting 3.4 million and surpassing PUBG,  you can expect a good group of players in Mcdonald County, so let’s dive into McDonald County’s first ever Top 6 Fortnite Plays.

(Submitted by Marshall Foreman) Despite the crappy quality, this play was nothing sort of awesome.  Landing the beautiful snipe shot with quick reflexes, this play deserves to be in this Top 6.

(Submitted by Logan Ginger) This invisible snipe shot was one for the books. Whether it was luck or if it was pure skill, it doesn’t matter. This was a legendary shot, and this is why it is in this Top 6.

(Submitted by Izak Johnson) This play was shooting ducks out of the sky, finding the sniper, locating the target, and boom.

(Submitted by Taylor Gilliam) This is one of the funniest clips submitted. Ever since the Impulse grenade was introduced in the latest patch update, people have been testing out how it works. This play submitted shows one of the funniest kills and one of the funniest reactions.

(Submitted by Bryce Westgate) This quick thinking and the sniping definitely deserves to be on this list.

(Submitted by Elijah Habert) This double shot was epic. The precision and accuracy are on point.

Play Fortnite at School!

By: Jacob Cooper

With the recent doors opening from the creation of the eSports team in McDonald County, there are many new opportunities. One of those opportunities is the new, up and coming LAN (Local Area Network) Party. Now, what is a LAN Party? Basically, a whole bunch of gamers come together and play a lot of video games for a long time.

This particular LAN Party is being hosted by the MCHS Megabytes and is being used as a fundraiser to buy resources and materials needed to compete in the Spring Season. The party is this Saturday, March 24th, and it starts at 10 am and ends at 10 pm. It cost 5$ to enter and play for the entire day, and 20$ to gain access to the food buffet being served.

Three of the many games you will be able to play at the LAN party (from left to right is Warcraft 3, League of Legends, and Fortnite.)

The most anticipated games that will be played are League of Legends, Injustice 2, and Fortnite. Yes, that is right. You can now play Fortnite at school with your buddies for 5 hours straight withith the game downloaded on 60+ computers with graphic cards to match the game. If you love Fortnite, then you will love this party. Other games that you will be able to play is Warcraft 3, Starcraft 2, and Medal of Honor.

Image result for Fortnite
shown above is Fortnite, One of the many games you can play at the LAN Party.

Another big thing offered, is the 1v1 Injustice tournament, and the 5v5 League of Legends tournament (all will include prizes to the winners). You can choose your own team and submit to the brackets.

Image result for injustice 2 scarecrow ultimate move gif
shown above is one of the many finishing moves presented in Injustice 2.

So if you’re a gamer, or just love Fortnite, get your controller, hook it up, and play games with the team all day.

Should MCHS Have an eSport Club?

Image Source; The eSports arena at University of California, Irvine

By Jacob Cooper

With there already being what seems like an infinite amount of clubs in our school system (Chess, Library, Archery, Drama, Art, Spanish, etc.), and with the ever rising popularity of competitive video games, is it finally time for MCHS to sponsor an eSports club? Surprisingly, the idea has more support than one might think, and even Mr. Leach thinks it could get more kids involved with the school.

“I think anything that reaches out to the interest of students and gives them more ownership of school is a fantastic thing,” – Mr. Wilkie

“Well, I had some students approach me about an eSports club, and I really think it’d be a good deal,” Leach said. ” I think we’d get some students that are not involved in other things but might be interested in doing that, and I honestly think it’s a great idea.”

Mr. Leach is not alone in his feelings. Mr. Wilkie also believes that as long as clubs don’t interfere with a student’s priorities, they can be positive influencers.

“I think anything that reaches out to the interest of students and gives them more ownership of school is a fantastic thing,” Wilkie said.

The high school is already home to many kids who competitively play video games single day, but even high school students that don’t play videogames have supported the idea.

“If it makes them happy and it’s something they really want to do, then why not?” – Kenzie Stephens

“I mean, I won’t participate in it,” said Kenzie Stephens, a three-sport athlete at the school. “But if it makes them happy and it’s something they really want to do, then why not?”

Even with support from the high school’s administration and athletes, there are some at the high school, like Coach Lee Smith, who have not completely warmed up to the idea of students playing video games as a form of sport.

“I mean, I’m a coach, what do you expect me to say,” Coach Smith chuckled. “I’d rather see kids go out and actually compete and exercise, but I do understand that sometimes that isn’t the right thing for the kid. So, I do see the good in this.”

Coach Smith does have a point. An eSports club doesn’t necessarily promote physical activity, but it does support teamwork and friendship as well as strategy and skill. There are eSports teams beginning all around the United States, and even some area colleges have eSports teams and a few have gone as far as offering scholarships. Time can only tell if and when MCHS will start an eSports club, but that doesn’t mean you can’t let your voice on the matter be heard. Do you support the idea of an MCHS eSports club? Vote below and leave a comment.

Time can only tell if and when MCHS will start an eSports club, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t let your voice on the matter be heard right now. Do you support the idea of an MCHS eSports club? Vote below on our Twitter poll and leave a comment.



League of Legends 7.17 Patch Review


DGtRlQYUQAAZmRI.pngBy Jacob Cooper

With the latest patchwork of League of Legends out, there is a lot to discuss. With the buffing and nerfing of Champions, adjusting items and fixing bugs, new skins, and the newest Champion Ornn, Riot has been very busy, so let’s talk about it.

One of the biggest things that is being talked about right now is the newest Star Guardians skins coming out, with a hint of a new game mode coming out. The champions to receive these skins are Ezreal, Ahri, Soraka, Miss Fortune, and Syndra; and will all be included in the newest game mode Invasion, which is a PvE (Player vs. Environment) and allows you to play with the skin even if you haven’t bought it at the moment. Now the biggest question I have for Riot after Star Guardian Ezreal is… when are we going to get Star Guardian Urgot?!

Another thing getting a lot of buzz is Riots’  newest champion, Ornn. Ornn, to sum it all up, is basically a demi-god that is part ram and part human. Not only is he a very unique champion, but his kit and playstyle is something entirely new to the game. First off, he can build items(due to his passive Living Forge), outside of the shop, which is not only a unique, and totally out of the box thinking on Riots’ behalf, it is also an extremely powerful ability in its entirety. It lets you stay in lane and apply the pressure needed, while not having to retreat back to base and power up. Another interesting thing about his passive is that it has a second part to it. The other passive, Master Craftsman, allows him to give one upgraded item to each of his team’s members. If applied right, this can change the whole outcome of a game.

Another new passive ability added to the game is brittle. Basically, when Ornn uses his W ability, (Bellows breath) he becomes immune to crowd control, shoots out fire, and applies a stack of brittle. Enemies with brittle, suffer a max portion of their maximum health when struck with Crowd control and the crowd control lasts longer.

His Ultimate Ability(R key) is probably the most difficult part of his entire kit. His Ultimate (Call of the Forge God) sends a Ginormous Ram charging in your direction, and once it is in the zone of fire, you can activate the ability and send the ram charging at your opponents direction. But, this ability isn’t easy; it’s a timed skill-shot. And since it is a timed skill shot, you can miss it, but if you practice, it will start to become second nature to you.

One more thing to go over is Champion buffs and nerfs over this patch.

Draven: Passive: will lose more gold from League of Draven on death, 50% to 75%                                              will gain less base gold on champion kill, 50 g to 25 g

Ezreal: Q ratio changed: 1.1 attack damage to 1.25 attack damage on hit.

Hecarim: E- Devasting Charge: New Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: Duration no longer ticks down during Onslaught of Shadows                                                                                                                       R- Onslaught of Shadows: Fear duration changed to .75 seconds to 1.5 seconds (based on how far Hecarim travels with his spectral riders)

Leona: Passive: Sunlights mark duration changed from 3.5 seconds to 1.5 seconds.                            Q- Shield of Daybreak: cooldown changed from 9/8/7/6/5 depending on level, to a steady 6 seconds throughout.

Maokai: Passive: Sap magic no longer procs when Maokai auto-attacks a ward.

Urgot: W- Purge: Stay focused:  Purge now refreshes the duration of the ‘locked on’ debuff, preventing cases where Urgot would switch targets partway through Purge’s duration.                                                                                                                                                                 R- Fear Beyond Death: reactivation window changed from 3 seconds to 4 seconds

Zed: base attack speed stat changed from 0.644 to 0.651                                                                        W-Living Shadow: shadow duration changed 4.5 seconds to 5 seconds













































LOL Quarter Finals – C9 vs. Dignitas


By Jacob Cooper

With the surprising dominance shown by Dignitas against C9; this years summer season Quarter-Finals was something for the books. With a shocking 3-1 lead from Dignitas, C9 fans were left with a huge cloud of disappointment hanging over their heads.

With Game 1 of C9 vs. Dignitas ending with C9 with a 10K gold deficit loss against Dignitas and the final overall kill score 23 to 15, Team Dignitas showed they were a force to be reckoned with.  Not only did they get kill pressure early and objective control with 10 towers to 4, they were able to deny C9 their objectives, which ultimately won Game 1 in Dignitas favor.

Game 2 was no different; Dignitas came with full force and showed they were there to win. Although they didn’t get a landslide victory with 12 kills to 17(Dignitas’ favor), they had a 10k gold lead ahead of C9, as well as 10 towers to 4.

With a surprising turn, C9 came back with a dominating victory. As if they completely swapped mindsets, C9 with a 14k gold lead ahead of Dignitas, and a landslide kill lead 15 to 3, showed they are not to be taken lightly either. They denied objectives to Dignitas, with 10 towers to 1, and totally dominated Game 3 with this surprising twist.

Although C9 fought Dignitas with everything they got, Dignitas came on top and earned their way to the semi-final spot. Game 4 was the closest game of this series, with 12 kills (C9) to 15(Dignitas) and a very close gold deficit 89.7k(C9) to 92k(Dignitas), this game was  Fought tooth-and-nail. With the objective control very close 9 towers (C9) to 8(Dignitas), Dignitas was able to prevail, find an opening, and take down C9; Ultimately winning, and moving to Semi-Finals, where they will fight TSM for the Finals spot.

Semi-Finals will be Saturday, August 26th.

To check out the game and results go to