Here We Go Again

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By Alex Guadarrama

On the 23rd of August, I ran my first competitive race of the season. We ran a two-mile race, a warm up race at a familiar course. All of our races are five kilometers (5k) or 3.1 miles if you didn’t know.

The race was at the Missouri Southern course. Every year the MSSU Lions host a meet with schools from all over. It’s so big of a meet that it even has a race for the collegiate level. Yesterday, however, was not the big meet; instead, it was very small. Yesterday, there were about five teams in the whole race, the Southern meet last year had 46 teams in the boys’ varsity race alone. Overall I did pretty well place wise, time wise it was not that pleasant.

Before the race, there was a lot of mixed emotions. Excitement. Nervousness. There was no in between. It was time to race. The ten-minute gun went off, and then the five. We were waiting for the race to commence when everyone took three steps to the line. Bang. The race had begun. I felt a surge of adrenaline rushing through my body. Mostly because I was surprised they didn’t give commands. Then, we were off. The next couple of minutes would be complete anguish, but it was fine because I had trained all summer long, six days a week for this.

The first mile was quick it came in the blink of an eye. The goal was to stay up with the top dogs. It was a success. I was in the top fifteen out of 80-100, but I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted top ten. The second mile was coming and I knew that it would be tough. I was right. I was fading. Half a mile left, then a quarter, and then I had 200 meters left. I tried sprinting, but all of the lactic acids that had built up was making it impossible. I sprinted with all of my might to not lose position, to not get passed last minute. I succeeded, and I had accomplished my goal of being top ten.

This season looks very promising. All the miles I’ve logged, all the hot muggy workouts, the cold winter practices, and the morning practices will finally be showing results and I couldn’t be more excited. Here’s to a good season!