Student Spotlight: Rony Lopez

By Avoleen Joseph

If you look around our school, and even our whole county, there is a lot of diversity. There are people from all around the world that come to McDonald County, and even some, you don’t expect them to be from another country or state. 

For example, Rony Lopez, a freshman from Noel, is a student who came to America from Guatemala when he was in fourth grade. When he arrived at Noel, he didn’t really understand much of anything, considering he was from another country. His ability to speak and interact with other students were limited because he couldn’t understand English. Of course, some of the students who spoke Spanish were able to speak with him. 

“It was pretty easy to adapt, because I learned English pretty quick,” he had stated. 

His response to the question ‘Did you have a hard time making friends?’ was, “Nah, making friends was easy. The first week, I made, like four friends,” he bragged. 

He says that he doesn’t really miss his country. 

“I kinda don’t because it’s not as clean as the United States. It’s not very safe, either. The only reason I miss it is because I can’t see my grandpa anymore.” 

He states that going from not knowing English to becoming super smart “feels good because now, I can understand what the teachers are teaching and I can learn from it.” He also added: “I don’t consider myself super smart, but I always try to do better than most of the kids in the class.”

Student Spotlight: Bailey Massey

By Mariah Brown

Bailey Massey is 14. She attends McDonald County High school. Her birthday is April 27th. Massey’s hobbies include playing softball and watching Netflix. In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her friends. Bailey plays softball for the Law-dogs. She has two younger brothers Ethan and Jaxon, who she enjoys playing basketball with. Bailey’s semester goal is to get good grades. Massey’s favorite class is Ag because the class is fun and entertaining. Her favorite food is steak.

When asked what her favorite holiday is she replied,”My favorite holiday is Christmas because I get to spend time with family and friends”.

Bailey’s favorite music is country. Her favorite thing about high school is meeting new people. Massey’s friends would describe her as a funny and outgoing person. If she was to choose her favorite singer, it would be Luke Combs. Massey’s favorite pro football team is the Kansas City Chiefs.

Senior Spotlight – Grace Poland

By Alexia Estrada

Grace Poland is a senior at MCHS this year. She wants to attend the University of Arkansas for 4 years to become a Physical Therapist.  Outside of school, Grace enjoys spending time with friends, and hanging out at Lily’s house.

                            Grace Olivia Poland

Grace is a member of FFA, NHS, SNHS, and Rho Kappa. Grace played basketball for 8 years, has cheered for 5 years and played volleyball for 4 years. She has also played powder puff for 4 years. What can I say? she’s done it all! 

Grace playing volleyball

I interviewed her classmate, and teacher and they had some nice things to say about her:

“I love Grace’s personality, she always runs errands for me. I love her she’s a great girl.”

– Connie M.

”She always strives to do her best, and she never fails to make anyone smile.”

– Jaylie S
Lily, Grace, and Maggie

Student Spotlight – Luke Kitlen

By Hailey Staib

I interviewed Luke Kitlen a student at MCHS. He is in the 11th grade. Kitlen is such an attentive and an all around friendly person. He’s someone you can always count on. Luke took most of his interview for a joke which just goes to show how much of a fun person he is.

(Question) What’s your favorite past time?

(Luke) “I enjoy taking pictures with my camera.” 

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

“I would move to Chicago and never come back.”

What is your favorite candy?

“I HATE candy with a burning passion.”

What’s your dog’s name?

“Dogs are so lame do not ask me about dogs I am a vegetarian.“

Are you vegetarian? 

“Yes I only eat meat.”   

What tickles you toes?

“It tickles my toes when someone like, takes my shoes off and tickles them. Fun fact: Hailey tickles my toes.”

What’s your favorite smell?


What kind of car do you drive?

“A Mustang, and I work at Pizza Hut.”  

What is your favorite aesthetic?

“Chains or E Boy.”

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?


Artist Spotlight: Remy Grover

By Lily Ward 

Remy Grover is a junior at MCHS and is extremely talented.  Remy has loved art since they were little. Their sister would always draw with them and has always been supportive of Remy’s art. Remy’s sister drifted away from art but Remy’s love for art grew. Now, Remy plans on having art in their life as long as possible by becoming an illustrator or storyboard artist. People online will ask Remy to make drawings of characters they’ve created, DND characters, characters from shows or celebrities, portraits of them, and portraits of family or friends.

Meet the artist

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. For me, it’s usually YouTubers, TV shows, books, and video games. My favorite artwork is unprompted art. I love when i just have something come to mind and just start to draw. I started doing digital art a little over a year ago. I saw other artists doing digital art and it was really cool so I decided to try it out.”

– Remy Grover

Remy also started posting their art a little over a year ago onto social media and people’s reactions changed them.

An example of Remy’s art.

It was like whiplash. I went from hating my art and thinking I couldn’t go anywhere with it, now I’m selling art it was wild. The first time someone commented on my art I literally cried.”

Testing the Waters

People began to demand for content from Remy which gave them opportunities to explore different art styles.

“I’ve improved more in that one year than I had in my entire life.”


I asked Remy for advice for other beginning artists and they gave very helpful advice. Remy pointed out that you need to practice as much as possible because that’s the only way you’ll get better. Remy also said “No matter what, draw for yourself. There will be people that will ask you to draw the most random stuff but if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable then don’t. You have the ability to refuse a request.”


So That is the story of the talented Remy Grover and how art affects their life. 


Student Spotlight: Avoleen Joseph

By Decklynn Johnston

Avoleen Joseph is a freshman at McDonald County High School. She’s involved in the school’s library club and she plays volleyball. During her junior high year, she was also on the volleyball team. When asked about how she felt coming into high school, she responded, “I felt pretty calm about it. It was just like another year of school to me.” 

After she graduates high school, she plans to go to Harvard and study to be a traveling nurse. “I want to travel but help people at the same time.” 

Her hobbies include singing, dancing and reading. “I love to read. Sometimes when I’m supposed to be working, I’m actually reading. I don’t have a favorite book. I’ve read so many that none of them really stand out to me anymore. It’s just like a blur now.”

Her favorite song to sing is ‘What if I Never Get Over You’ by Lady Antebellum. She likes it because “Lady Antebellum never failed to make good songs, duh.”

Student Spotlight: Misty Sohse

By Avoleen Joseph

Misty Sohse is a freshman at McDonald County High School. Out of everything that happens in school, her thoughts are mostly on basketball. She’s been playing before she could even remember. The first time playing on an actual team was when she played on the Noel basketball team back in her fifth grade year. She says that it was her “littest” year because she “carried the team.”

Misty shooting over the competition

She left at the beginning of sixth grade, but decided to come back a few days after the tryouts. At the end of that season, she and her team got first place champs. Sohse said that what inspired her were the boys that were always balling on the streets. After watching them play, she decided to try it out herself. Being the little “tomboy” she was, she decided that the sport suited her. After being asked why she chose the sport, she answered with, “I chose this sport because it’s the most intense sport, in my opinion.” She also states that she chose it because it’s just her favorite sport.

Misty is a great basketballer, and she wishes to become something bigger than just a girl who plays on a school team one day.

Artist Spotlight: Makayla Stone

By Allie Jackson

Artist spotlights are perhaps the greatest articles to write. Not only do I get to learn more about the artist themselves, but I get to see what makes their art and character so beautifully unique. I am excited about this particular spotlight because this artist is a girl of few words. Makayla Stone, a junior this year at MCHS, expresses herself not necessarily through words but through art. After learning a bit about Makayla, I realized that she has a wonderful gift that needs to be recognized, so read on to see how Makayla speaks through her art.


Recently, Makayla won gold at a Scholastic Art Competition for the Missouri region. Her piece titled Ghost in the Machine moved on nationally where it earned silver.

When asked about the piece, Makayla stated, “This piece was made last summer, between sophomore and junior year. It is a print, I mainly used two processes screen print (which is using a screen that looks kind of like the screen outside your window, and making a stencil out of it) and dry-point (taking plastic or metal and carving it, and putting it in a printing press, kind of like an intricate, shallow, stamp) . I did these processes several times to layer. I used a dryf-point plate (or “stamp”) about 4 times to get the background, and then I used 3 different screens (or “stencils”), one for the morse code in the background, one for the text, and one for the girl (which I used three times on top of each other), I went over this piece about 9 times.”

For Makayla, her inspiration changes from piece to piece. “Sometimes I’ll just be looking around and an idea will hit me, other times I have to follow a prompt,” says Makayla,”or I’ll really like something and want to emulate or mimic it.”

After HS, Makayla ideally wants to find a career that allows her to create. She would love to become a Master Printmaker, but she knows that art may not be the most practical career and has considered other careers.

“Whatever I do, I want to incorporate drawing,  painting, or printmaking.”                                                                                                                                                         


Although she says very little, Makayla’s art speaks loudly. She is wonderfully creative and is an overall great kid. Below are some of her other prints and drawings, and if you are interested in printmaking, talk to Makayla, she’s pretty good at it. 

Senior Spotlight: Joslyn Banta

By Hannah Huber

Joslyn Banta is a girl on the go. She is involved in various activities inside and outside of school that have made her four years busy and exciting.

Image may contain: 3 people, including Joslyn Grace Banta, people smiling, people standing, outdoor and nature
Joslyn and her parents before prom 2018.

For 10 years now, Joslyn has been a Mustang cheerleader, and for four years, she has been a varsity cheerleader. Joslyn is a main base, tumbler, and a huge asset to the team. She has received the academic athlete award and a varsity letter three( and soon to be four) years in a row.

When asked what her favorite memory as a cheerleader was, she responded, ¨Probably whenever we came to the high school as eighth graders, who had just made the varsity team, to help with Special Olympics with our new high school team.΅

Joslyn (third from left) and 4 other senior cheerleaders.

Other than cheerleading, Joslyn also helps teach a tumbling class to younger kids, participates in FFA, International Club, and is an NHS officer as well as a Character Ed leader. She does all this while taking multiple advanced classes. With such a busy schedule, Joslyn doesn´t have much time for anything else other than watching Youtube and sleeping.

Joslyn´s favorite year of high school was freshman year because of the people she spent it with and her overall experience. But this year, she is looking forward to prom and especially graduation. After high school, she plans to attend Mizzou and participate in the journalism program, pursuing a career in that field. While attending Mizzou, Joslyn hopes to also continue her cheerleading career.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Joslyn at her future college.