Wash Your hands

By Cheyenne Scates

When we are sick, we all know the actions we must take keep others from also getting sick. Covering your coughs and sneezes, cleaning the surfaces you have touched, and just staying home when you are sick are all things that you can do, but the biggest thing that you can do is wash your hands and wash them properly.

Wash your hands.
(Image taken from Pixabay.com)

Washing your hands is not difficult, but many people cut the time short or think that it will be okay if they don’t use soap THIS TIME. The proper way to wash your hands is with water that is as warm as your hands can stand it, USE SOAP, and scrub for around 20 seconds, getting under nails, between fingers, and up the arms before rinsing. If you do this, you will feel so much cleaner AND so much happier.

You don’t want these things.
(Image taken from Pixabay.com)

So, the next time you feel like washing your hands, make sure you do it correctly. Use warm water (as warm as you can stand it), use soap and scrub in crevices for 20 seconds, rinse and use your towel to dry your hands. Wash your hands, and you knock down your chances of getting sick or other people sick.

Third Meal at School

By Melysia McCrory

Coming back from Christmas break, McDonald County students and administration found out about a small change that could have a large impact.

I believe the third meal program is a great thing for the less fortunate children in the school district.

Mariah Brown; freshman at McDonald County High School

When students receive a meal, there are a few rules. You have to pick two different sides to go along with the entree, and two out of the three items have to be eaten in the school. The last item he/she can take home and eat there. The food is not supposed to be eaten on the bus.

I think it is great. Kids who ride the bus and get home late won’t be super hungry when they get home. Kids who may not get meals at home won’t go hungry.

LaTisha McCrory; employee at Opaa!

Why start having a third meal? At school, a student eats 2/3 meals. When they go home, if there is no food in the house, the child has nothing to eat and will go hungry. If the student decides to get the third meal at school, they will not go as hungry or maybe not at all. According to an article over American hunger by Mashable, “1.16 million American kids struggle with hunger each year. An estimated 48.8 million Americans, including 16.2 million children, live in households that lack the means to get enough nutritious food on a regular basis. As a result, about 1 in 5 children go hungry at some point during the year.”

It is helpful to those who don’t have anything to eat when they go home. It also helps conquer the hunger of kids at the end of the day.

Avoleen Joseph; freshman at McDonald County High School

How to be Fabulous

By Hailey Staib

Here’s how to be fabulous with 3 simple steps! It’s really effortless, but the following article will show you have to be fabulous to the max. It’ll also show you how to be the best you that you can be. 

Step One: Own It!

If you have a weird quirky part of yourself, own It! If you wear something to school that makes you feel beautiful, own It! If your taste in music is a little different than the rest of your pupils, OWN IT! Here’s how you own it: Instead of wondering. “What is everybody else thinking?” Think, “I like me for me regardless of what anyone says.”

Step Two: Style!

Wear whatever you want! As soon as we start to realize that we are enough, we will be so much more beautiful than ever before. Your style tells people a lot about you. If you have to question if you should wear it or not because of what people might say, then you should totally wear it. Being fabulous starts with anyone.  

Step Three: Maintain a Happy Lifestyle

It is totally okay to have bad days and be in a bad mood, but do not let your bad mood rub off on others. Make everyone feel loved and appreciated. People want to feel loved, even people that seem like they have absolutely no soul. Always remember, we are all human. Just because he or she is poor or not as attractive in your eyes does not mean they are in any way less than you. And if people pick on you for being poor or not as attractive, stand back up and smile. Because you are beautiful and the sooner you realize that, the happier you’ll be. 

Someone that inspires me to be fabulous is my very own sister. She is courageous, brilliant, and so inspirational. She is so beautiful, it is perplexing. Her heart is so pure and she is someone I want to be just like. Why? Because she is so fabulous. She has a style like no other. She is the kind of person that would drop everything just to help someone. She owns her style. I am so grateful to have a sister like her. You don’t have to be fabulous like Natalie or your friends or what beauty standards tell you. You can be fabulous like you. Shine like the star you are! We’re all beautiful. 

You Got This, Juniors!

By  Chyenne Scates

I will not lie, junior year was one of the toughest years for me, but you can get through it! Just sit back and breathe. A key thing to do, not just junior year, but you whole life is to find ways to be successful. Kiara Manion, and MCHS junior, tells us, “Basically I study and I make sure I get plenty of sleep because otherwise I’m a mess and honestly can’t concentrate. I try to always be available to any learning opportunity I can get and I turn in my work.” 

Image result for study
Study hard, get good grades!

Another key thing is to take time for you. When you get a minute away from ACT preparations and piles of homework, do something for you. Kiara Manion, says, “I try to stress relieve with writing or yoga, do things I enjoy so I’m not constantly overworked.” This is important, I would listen to her before it’s too late!

Image result for sleep number bed
Sleep Number bed for comfort.

I also talked with a senior at our school, Bailey Sherrell. When asked about how she made it through junior year, her response was, “To be successful have tacos.” Tacos are loved by ALMOST everyone, and if you enjoy tacos then that’s a good thing to do for stress relief!

Image result for taco bell
Tacos for stress relief

Now you’ve heard from a junior and senior, and I’ll stress it, too. Get you work done, study, leap at learning opportunities, but don’t forget that you need to relax sometimes. You’ll get burnt out if you don’t take time for you, and what good would that do? Just keep up the pace and you’ll sail smoothly into senior year.

Dangerous TikTok Trend: #Brighteyechallenge

By Decklynn Johnston

TikTok has become one of the most popular and well-known apps, having more than 500 million users. It’s a social media platform used to create lip-sync, comedy skits and talent videos. It was released in 2017, yet it stayed popular for a while. It being a social media platform, it was bound to create some trends. Some of them aren’t the smartest things to do.

So far, there are only 30 different videos featuring the trend. It’s been admitted by the creators that the trend is indeed fake.

The #Brighteyechallenge was made by a college student named Greg Lammers who joined TikTok to show off and improve some of his editing abilities.

He made a video of him putting hand sanitizer, shaving cream, bleach and jelly in a Ziploc bag and then holding it against his eye for a minute before removing it, showing that it makes your eyes a brighter color.

So far, there are only 30 different videos featuring the trend. It’s been admitted by the creators that the trend is indeed fake. They used editing tools or colored contacts to make their eyes appear brighter after applying the bag. 

This challenge is incredibly dangerous seeing as the chemicals in it could burn your skin.

Some users who have tried this challenge commented “it kind of hurt, not gonna lie.” Someone else who tried the challenge said, “I knew it was a joke. I don’t know why everyone is taking it so seriously.” 

This challenge is incredibly dangerous seeing as the chemicals in it could burn your skin. Not to mention, if the bag ruptures it could cause permanent damage to your eye or make you go blind, as Lammers said himself in a video. When he saw people begin to actually try this challenge themselves, he began to get worried. He posted a follow-up video showing his eye, red and swollen to warn users of the potential risks. 

Supporting The Girls

By Phoebe Rhamy & Autumn Branson

All it takes is one act of kindness to start a ripple of positivity. It takes more effort to be hateful to somebody than it does to be kind. Supporting the girls is a fairly new page on Instagram that has started to recognize ladies and lift them up through kind posts and messages.

This page has been a large conversation topic among the girls of MCHS since it began and has nothing but positive feedback. The ladies running the page have asked to remain anonymous because they say “We do this account to encourage others and create a more positive environment, not to glory ourselves.”

This video was inspired by the Supporting The Girls page. We don’t know anything about how these people were feeling the day we recorded these videos, but we know that regardless of how their day was as a whole, we played a part in making them smile at least once. You don’t need a reason to be nice to people. It doesn’t take much to help turn someone’s day around, just one small act of kindness. 

Black Friday Shopping

By  Kodie Leonard and Danieda Morales

Black Friday is a big deal for a lot of people. You can get so many different things for everyone in your family, from power tools for dad, cooking utensils for mom, toys for siblings, and dog toys and clothes for dogs. There are so many huge deals in many stores, you just have to find the better deals. We went around and asked some teachers (who will remain anonymous to avoid Christmas Gift spoiling) about their Black Friday plans. Here is what they said:

(Question) Would you rather shop for Black Friday online or in store? 

“I do in store Black Friday. I like to go to thrift stores and antique shops because they have really good discounts”- Teacher A

“ Online shopping because I don’t want to get out of bed”- Teacher B

“Online because then I do not have to take my children out of the house”-Teacher C

“Online because it’s guaranteed that I’ll get it and won’t get injured.”- Teacher D

How can bargains be worth dealing with the crowds?

“I don’t think they are worth it, but i go with my family and it’s fun.”- Teacher A

“To me they have to be 75% or higher for me to go out and deal with all the people.”- Teacher B

“They would have to be really good deals.  I would love to have a tradition of Black Friday shopping with my family.”-Teacher C

“Electronics and toys are worth dealing with the crowds for.”- Teacher D

How do you think the people that work Black Friday feel?

“They are probably very stressed and overwhelmed”- Teacher A

“I think it would be really difficult”- Teacher B

“Overwhelmed and dreading work!”-Teacher C

“Tired!! It’s expected that if you work retail that you WILL be expected to work on Black Friday. And some don’t mind because they get over time and extra discounts.”- Teacher D

What are you looking for when you go shopping?

“Christmas gifts for my family and really good bargains”- Teacher A

“Toys for my kids”- Teacher B

“A Nintendo Switch and any other toys that my kids would want.  Also, good deals on electronics.”-Teacher C

“I am looking for exceptional sales that I could not get at any other time in the year.”- Teacher D

How long will you wait in a line for a store to open?

“I wouldn’t wait in line, I don’t get up that early.”- Teacher A

“I don’t think I would wait in line, it’s too cold. I would wait until the store is open.”- Teacher B

“Depends on the weather.  If it is really cold I will not stand for over an hour.”-Teacher C

“3 hours.”- Teacher D                

The Friends You Need

By Lily Ward

In high school it can be very difficult to get by without the support of people you care about, so I’m going to try to help you how to find those people.

Say Goodbye To Toxic People

You can’t enjoy spending time with the people around you if there is drama going on. If there is someone in your life that drag you into stuff that you shouldn’t have to be a part of, then they are being selfish and not thinking about how you feel about the situation. I know that sometimes that person that drags you into drama isn’t always selfish. Sometimes, they just need your help and that’s okay, but if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable, then you need to talk to them. If you do talk to them about the situation you’re in and they don’t consider your feelings or don’t change anything to help you out, you don’t need them in your life to make things more difficult than they should be.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It could be really intimidating talking to people you don’t know, but it’s really not as hard as you think. If there is someone sitting alone and you are interested in talking to them then go for it. All you have to do is walk up to them, ask to sit down, then when they say yes introduce yourself. A good way of starting a conversation is complimenting them, if it’s an article of clothing, their hair, or something they own it doesn’t matter. Also if they say no to you sitting next to them don’t worry about it, they’re not worth your time. 

Be Yourself

Yeah, I know you probably hear that a lot but it’s true. If someone can’t accept your weird, different, and amazing personality then they don’t deserve to be friends with you. If you start out not being yourself when you meet someone it could become difficult to start acting how you would usually act because of fear of if you’ll be accepted, not wanting to be who you actually are, or something else. You have to be yourself because nobody else can and you will find people who appreciate you for you.

Advice From Other Students

Ruth Richie – “Just be nice and go for it, let people see your weirdness.”

Jessica Price – “ How to make friends, well start off by giving calming looks then approach them, have a good attitude and introduce yourself. When you’re introducing yourself maybe ask what their hobbies are, find out what they like, and see what you have in common. Once you find out what you have in common ask if they want to be friends and hang my dude.”

Kaylea Howell – “Say hey I’m ___ and I don’t have any friends wanna be my one and only. Actually don’t do that it might scare them off. I usually just awkwardly smile and nod my head when my friend talk to new people.” (You probably shouldn’t listen to her advice.)

Heather Farnum – “Break the ice by saying something funny and uplifting”

Kaitlyn Epling – “Be nice and accept everyone.”

Aurora Saturley- “You can’t make friends by being mean and being known as a bad person so be kind.”

The Blood Drive

By Madelyn Hatfield and Lindsey Bundgard

On Monday, September 16 there was a blood drive at McDonald County High School. We went in and interviewed some of the students who were giving blood and some of the people who were drawing blood. 

The first interview was with Kaitlyn Sammons, who had just donated. 

Q: Why did you donate today?

(Kaitlyn): “It makes me feel good, like I did something to help the world. Plus, I am a unversal donor, so I can donate to anybody!”

What are your thoughts on giving blood?

K: “I think that it is a really good idea because it could save somebody’s life”

Q: How much did you donate, and how did it make you feel?

K: “I donated a pint, and I feel okay. Sometimes it can make you tired and dizzy though.”

After visiting with Kaitlyn, we decided to interview somebody who was helping and working in the blood drive. We interviewed Laney Wilson, who was a helping hand.

Q: Where does the blood that is donated go?

(Laney): “They usually take the blood that is donated to blood banks, and it can later be taken to different hospitals”

Q: Why is there an age restriction for who can donate blood?

L: “The younger you are, the less blood you have compared to an adult. It is mostly for safety precautions because it can be dangerous to be drawing blood from somebody below the age of 16.”

Q: What is the main purpose of the blood drive?

L: “It is pretty much because blood drives are a good thing, and it helps people who need different surgeries and other stuff like that.”