Ugly Sweater Winner

By Maya Dally

After much deliberating and several very ugly sweaters, Amber Kailbourn has finally chosen this year’s Cheermeister.

The sacred award goes to Kasie Skaggs and Connor Todd with their tinsel-infested matching sweaters.

Connor Todd and Kasie Skaggs

Many teachers dressed up, hoping to win their own competition. For Mr. Shaddox, that dream finally came true. According to his closest friends, this is actually the first award Mr. Shaddox has ever won in his life.

Mr. Shaddox, finally a winner!

Thank you all for participating, and congrats to our winners!

DIY Cocoa Ornament

By Allie Jackson

According to our recent twitter poll, most of you voted that your Christmas tree would remain stored away until after Thanksgiving. Well people, Thanksgiving is in the past, and it’s time to embrace the holiday spirit. If your tree is up and looking bare, this DIY ornament is the perfect addition to your sturdy pine. ( Also, for those who don’t know, DIY mean Do It Yourself.)

Hot Chocolate Ornament

Image result for hot chocolate ornament pinterest
This craft would also be a cute gift to give to friends or family.

Items you will need:

  • A round glass/plastic bulb with a removable top.
  • Sharpies (I used metallic paint ones)
  • Ribbon
  • Hot Chocolate mix
  • Marshmallows
  • Candy Canes
  • A card to write a note on (optional)
  • Funnel


  1. A plastic ornament looks exactly like a glass one, and if you tend to drop things like I do, then definitely opt for the plastic one. (And yes I did end up dropping mine).
  2. I used sharpies to decorate mine rather than a card so that once I used the cocoa inside, I would still have a cute ornament to hang.
  3. The more marshmallows you put in the ornament, the least likely the cocoa powder and other toppings will shift around.
  4. Also, feel free to customize what you put in your ornament and how you decorate it!


  1. First, make sure your ornament is washed and clean before you fill it.
  2. Then, decorate your ornament with the metallic/holiday themed sharpies. (I drew flowers and snowflakes on mine.)
  3. Next, take the top off the ornament and fill with enough cocoa powder to make a cup of hot chocolate. Use the funnel to pour in the powder.
  4. When your ornament has a layer of cocoa, top off with some crushed candy canes and marshmallows.
  5. Finally, put the top back on and tie a nice piece of ribbon on the ornaments hook. Now you have a cute cocoa ornament!!

Thanks for reading! If you decide to make a cocoa ornament, make sure to post a pic and tag the County Current.

Top 5 Worst Cartoons of All Time

By Michael Mann

Welcome to my list I am making this article to showcase the absolute worst cartoons of all time. For this list, I’ve included just one movie, but I am mainly sticking to animated series. Also, keep in mind this is my own opinion, don’t flip out if your favorite TV show ends up on this list.

5. The Emoji Movie

maxresdefault (8)
Source: HeyUGuys

Going to get the most obvious choice out of the way, The Emoji Movie. You’ve probably heard your favorite YouTuber already whine about it, so I’ll keep it brief. The entire plot of the movie is stupid, it was Sony’s attempt at a Wreck-it-Ralph world, which failed miserably. I was only able to watch up to the Just Dance before I had to turn off my phone and just take a break from this movie. It’s a movie you have to see to know how bad it actually is.

4. Power Puff Girls (2016)

Yeah, there are four now. Source: Nerdist

Like most people, I haven’t been keeping up with this series whatsoever. I, however, do know enough about this series to call it bad. Where do I start? Two of the girls, Blossum and Bubbles, were twerking, they had a transgender character become a monster, and the worst yet, one of the side characters named Jared Shapiro has a crush on one of the girls named Bubbles. “That doesn’t sound too bad. I mean sure they’re too young to have crushes but that’s not that bad,” is something you might say. Well, I didn’t mention that the character is based on one of the story writers/artist named Jake Goldman. I mean look at this side-by-side picture of him and the character.


Source: Twitter

“Sure they look similar, but it could just be a coincidence. It’s not like he is the voice actor for him.” Well, he is the voice actor for the character. Aside from all the controversies, it’s still a stupid show. They took a figurative dump on the old show. They even added a fourth girl just to boost the ratings, which didn’t work and created more turmoil for breaking the “sacredness” of the series.

3. Pickle & Peanut

Source: tvtropes

Pickle and Peanut is series that mixes live action with animation, and is about two types of food in their last year of high school and try to have as much fun as possible. It first aired September 7, 2015 on Disney XD, and ever since that day, I have never kept Disney XD on all night while going to sleep. The average episode’s plot can range from doing random acts of stupidity to having a strange mole on Pickle’s butt.

download (1).jpeg
This was a plot in Futurama. Unlike this show, they were actually able to pull it off.  Source: Screenertv

I’m done talking about this I mean just look at the picture, it pretty much sums up the tone of the entire series.

2. Teen Titans GO!

Source: Wikipedia

I was deciding whether to put ‘Power Puff Girls’ remake or ‘Teen Titans GO!’ here on the number two slot. They are both absolutely horrible. Don’t get me wrong, but I watched the original Teen Titans a lot more than I watched the original PPG. Teen Titans GO! is about the Titans becoming stupid and doing nothing interesting for 12 minutes an episode. They rarely do anything but make random LOL jokes, such as random fart and butt jokes.

Teen Titans GO! Robin's butt.jpg
This is actually in the freaking series; they do this a lot. Source: YouTube

Another thing I really hate about this show is that it makes fun of itself constantly. Seriously, it’s such a terrible show that even the creators (the freaking creators of the show) make fun of it inside the show! It has extremely cheap flash animation that gives me headaches if I stare at it too long. I can make an entire article showcasing the things wrong with this horrid show, but it’ll just be me whining about the show and how it shouldn’t exist.

Honorable Mention: Modern SpongeBob

No comment. Source: Huffington Post

Yeah, Modern SpongeBob, Seasons 4-11. It consists of way too much gross-out humor for my taste. I mean don’t get me wrong sometimes it can play out well, but not in SpongeBob’s case. The reason this isn’t on the list is that it has been getting better, less gross-out, and most of the jokes they have actually make me laugh.

1. Pig Goat Banana Cricket

maxresdefault (1)

If you read my other article about forgotten cartoons, you already know where I stand on this show. For those of you who didn’t read it, it’s about a Pig, a Goat, a Banana and a Cricket that lives in a town were everything is personified hence THE FREAKING BANANA! The show has the same amount of charm as a sewer plant worker who hasn’t showered for 30 years and rolled around in pus from every single pimple ever popped. Think I am being harsh, well take a look at what I mean!

Literally, the person I just described if he was the ugliest dog ever. Source: Fandom

I can go on and on, but the animation is actually giving me a headache. So, I am just going to lay down and cry for a couple hours and think how anyone in the world could actually like this smut. Back from crying, saw this again and went back to cry some more.

Agree with my list, or know of a cartoon I missed? Comment down below. Now that I got that shameless begging out of the way, I hope this article was entertaining, and until next time, bye.

DIY: Candy Cane Sleigh

By Andrea Creason

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, so as the season ventures closer here is a few DIY small Christmas presents for anyone on your Christmas gift list.

Candy Cane Sleighs

Super cute and super easy. (photo:

These Candy Cane Sleighs are the best DIY Christmas gifts! I mean, seriously… how cute are they!  These adorable DIY holiday gifts will be perfect to give to friends, family, coaches, teachers…. really anyone!  Keep them in your car for those JIC (just in case) gifts!

This is super easy and crazy cute. Not only are they are great gift to have on hand, they also make really cute present toppers! That’s right, just wrap your gift up and put the candy cane sleigh on top. Best. Gift. Ever.

 Items you will need

  • wrapping paper
  • 2 candy canes
  • 1 standard size Kit Kat bar
  • 10 mini Hershey bars
  • Ribbon & a bow


  • Wrap all of the candy bars in cute holiday wrapping paper.
  • Lay the two candy canes next to each other.
  • Put the Kit Kat bar across the candy canes and use glue dots to secure them down.
  • Take the Hershey bars and stack them 4 across the bottom, 3 on top of that, 2 on top of that, 1 on the tippy top.
  • Wrap with the ribbon and top with the bow and there you go!

Super cute, and a simple gift for anyone!

DIY: Stress Slime

Slime has become a world wide trend. I mean who doesn’t think slime is great. Slime can be used as a stress reliever and is seen as therapeutic. It has been known to help with fidgeting and anxiety. And because we know how stressing school can be, we’re here to show you how to make your own slime.

What you’ll need:

  • laundry detergent
  • glitter
  • glue
  • paint
  • mason jar


Spooktacular Halloween Décor


By Andrea Creason

Looking for the best and most spooktacular way to decorate your home this year for Halloween? This DIY Halloween candy door hanger is the perfect way to greet your guest this Halloween, with handfuls of candy! This is also a perfect way to let trickery theaters grab a piece of candy if you are going to be gone for the night.



-chalk board

-half of a pumpkin

-wood burning tools with razor blade attachment

-1/2 screw and drill

-1/2 nail and hammer

-black and white paint + paintbrushes


First, draw out a smiley face on the pumpkin with a pencil. Making sure to leave enough room at the bottom to fill it with candy.

Once the smile is drawn use the wood burning tool with the razor blade attached to cut out the mouth area.

After the mouth is cut out, move onto the eyes. Trace out some eyes with a pencil and then use black and white paint as well as nice clean circles.

Next step, mount the pumpkin to the chalkboard. Secure the top of the pumpkin to the chalk board with a half inch screw and remember to secure the bottom as well but use a nail. If there are any cracks in between the board and the pumpkin itself, use hot glue to secure the areas down.

Now all that is left is to fill it with delectable candy for your guest to enjoy!


DIY Binder Clips


By Andrea Creason

Oh, how I love me some school supplies. Who am I kidding? I’m the girl who can’t ever get away from school supplies no matter how old I get. As we have recently come back to school, I figured it would be fun to make a DIY back to school supply post.

So let’s start by saying goodbye to boring old black binder clips and say hello to adorable new binder clips.


  • old binder clip
  • Washi Tape/fabric tape
  • spray paint


Start by taking apart the binder clips. Each clip will have 3 parts (1 clips + 2 “arms”)
Lay out all pieces (outdoors) on cardboard or another paintable surface.
With your spray paint color of choice, cover all pieces equally. You can do the clips one color and the arms another, or all one color! Because my heart still flutters watching old things becomes gold things,  it’s all gold for me. Obsessed.

Once dried, flip pieces over to coat the other sides until the pieces our fully covered.
Carefully reinsert the “arms” into the clips. If you want to add more of a handmade touch to your binder clips, then you can add a strip of Washi Tape or fabric tape to either side of your clip.