The Trojan War Perfomance

By Avoleen Joseph, Ashlyn Shumate, and Alexis Bishop

The Trojan War was a hysterical show performed in the PAC by the MC Drama 1 through 3 classes. It was an exciting experience, as told by several students that performed in the play and several who watched it. 

Jesikah Lily, a senior who played the part of Herra, the Queen of Gods, told us that she felt “bitter sweet, excited but also kind of sad” to perform her last first show of the year. She found it interesting to be able to work with different classes and grade groups since she’s already friends with people her age. She stated that the choreography was “fun, entertaining, and easy to learn.” Jessikah also said that Julie, the choreographer, is very talented!

Frankie Villagran, a junior who had the part of Apollo, one of the main leads in the story, had said that he was excited to perform his first show of the year because of his passion for being on stage and performing in front of an audience. He said that performing with different classes and grade groups is a little bit of a struggle, but it’s overall pretty easy. When asked about the choreography, he replied with: “I think it’s great! It goes well with the play, and the choreographer works well and hard with the classes.” 

Cassandra of Troy, played by Mikala Mustain, said she was excited to be performing for the first time this year. She said that working with different grades and classes “pulls a lot of people together.” She also says that there is a lot of energy. Mustain calls the choreography and choreographer “really cool” and “fantastic!” 

Sophomore, Andrew Watkins who played Prince Hector of Troy stated that he was excited and very nervous about performing the first show. He said that working with different classes and grade groups doesn’t really change anything because “we’re all on the same page.” His opinion on the choreography was very different from the others, but he said that the acting was “on fleek. Especially Hector’s.”

After the show, I interviewed a couple students about their opinions on the play. 

Mariana Gonzalez, a freshman, said she enjoyed watching the show and seeing her fellow classmates have so much fun. She said she loved the part when her classmates were dancing in the aisles beside her. “My favorite character was Apollo,” she said. “He portrayed his character very well, and his laugh was just really funny!” 

Diana Martinez, also a freshman but played a Spartan warrior in the show, said that the play was enjoyable from what she heard and saw. After being asked about her favorite part, she said, “I liked it when the Trojans threw their swords at the Spartans. That was pretty funny.” Her favorite character was Cassandra of Troy because her acting was “on point.” She said the show was fun and that she thinks she did pretty good, but she thought she could have done a lot better. 

Food Judging for Class

By Amber Scates

Writers know the importance of using descriptive words in their work. You should be able to see the setting in your mind, hear the sounds and even taste what one can taste in the story. This is exactly what Mrs. Toomoth’s Creative Writing class is working on, which is why they were asked to judge the food made by Mrs. Strader’s Pro Start Two.

Some Creative Writing students while judging the Pro Start students food. From left to right: Caitlin Lee, Zoe Sebastian, Leandra Toomoth, Gracie Brown, Sierra Sayers. 

The Pro Start Two class was learning about food presentation and that is what they were being judged on. How well the flavors mixed, the colors used, and how even the portions of the food were are just some of the things they were being judged on. The three foods they were judging all had bread with a cream cheese topping of their choosing. Kitchen Six had a slice of bread with cream cheese and a strawberry garnish on top and berries on the side. Kitchen Five had a cheese and cream cheese mixture on a slice of bread, garnished with diced bell peppers. The last one was Kitchen Two who received the highest rating. They had a cream cheese and berry mix over a slice of bread and garnished with berries. 

These are the three foods the Creative Writing class had to judge. 

While the students were judging the foods, many compliments were expressed. Mitch Sequeira said that Kitchen One’s dish even made him like strawberries again while Caitlin Lee said she wants the recipe Kitchen Five used. Many other students compared the different foods presentation and taste to season or holidays. Kitchen Six’s was mostly compared to summer for being a light food perfect for a hot summer morning. Kitchen Five’s food was compared to a nice autumn day or something you would eat on Thanksgiving. Kitchen Two was said to bring on memories of a cool spring evening. 

Following the day of the judging, the Creative Writing class wrote up food reviews of both the atmosphere of the classroom and the presentation of food. Most students had plenty of great things to say in their creative reviews. 

Bailey Sherrell first spoke about the atmosphere of the room. She said, “While it isn’t necessarily a professional tasting, we were treated quite nicely for such a short amount of time.”

Most students agreed with her about the aura of the tasting being calming and inviting, but most students also had a lot to say about the first food the class was presented. Bailey starts out by saying that the food was “beautifully crafted and tasted just as good as it looks.” She continued with, “The strawberry in the center was the perfect amount of sweetness and juiciness.” 

Pro Start student Anna Mead preparing strawberries for her team’s dish.

Another student in the creative writing class who spoke highly of the first entre’ they were presented with, said the “Softly textured, chewy, white bread lavished in the thick cream cheese lightly shaded with a hint of pink. Like a blooming rose, a vibrant strawberry sits in the middle.” She goes on by explaining the first bite. “Biting in, the first thing you taste is the suiting cream cheese followed by the bright spring taste of a strawberry.” 

In the beginning of student Caitlyn Lee’s review, she says, “Even though I was just in a school classroom, it felt like I was at a little fancy restaurant you go to with your friends to hang out.” She later explained it had the inviting feeling a family owned restaurant would have. “Also,” she continues, “there was a very nice assistant teacher who had been like a friendly server.” 

And last but not least, Gracie Brown had some great things to say about Kitchen Five’s dish. “The visual of this dish reminded me of autumn, with red, yellow, and orange sliced bell peppers sprinkled around the two halves of toasted bread like fallen leaves surrounding a tree.” She goes on by saying, “Unlike the first dish, this one had a savory flavor that’s absolutely ravishing.” 

Congratulations to Kitchen Two who had the majority points in the categories ranging from presentation to taste! All of the teams being judged put up absolutely ravishing dishes. 

Marching Passed the Competition

By Amber Scates

After a year off of marching competitions while the band was warming up to their new director, the MCHS band will be going back to competing in marching competitions again. The first one was the MSSU Homecoming Parade on Saturday, October 5th. The band placed first for medium bands. The others are not set in stone yet, but they are looking at going to the the marching festival/competition in Carthage, MO this Saturday along with a few others. This is what a student from each graduating class has to say about the upcoming competitions: 

Senior Chyenne Scates 

(Question) How do you feel about getting to go back to competitions?

Chyenne: “I’m excited, but I feel like it is long overdue. The wait was necessary, but now it’s time to get back and show what we can do.” 

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming competitions?

“I’m looking forward to seeing the underclassmen during competition and sharing an experience that is new to them but normal for us.” 

Junior Nichole Massengill

How do you feel about getting to go back to competitions? 

“This is something that our band needs, and it makes us feel extremely proud that our directors feel that we are good enough to go to competition and be proud of our performance” 

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming competitions?

“I am looking forward to spending the day with band. The bus rides are always super fun. Competing is a great experience that I’m really glad the freshman and sophomores will get to go through. I’m also really looking forward to see how well we do and hearing what we do well and what we need to fix so we can grow as individuals and as a group.”

Sophomore Annabella Woodruff

How do you feel about the upcoming competitions? 


What are some things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming competitions? 

“To see the different bands do their shows and meeting new people.”

Freshman Lani Yang 

How do you feel about your first competition in High School?

“I feel mainly excited but there’s that one part of me that is also filled with anxiety”

What are some things you’re looking forward to in the upcoming competitions?

“The experience”

MCHS Band Makes History

By Sophia Jaquez

Last month our very own McDonald County High School Concert Band made school history when they went to compete at the State Concert Band Competition in Webb City, Mo. The last time the MCHS Concert Band went to this competition was 13 years ago.

The band not only made history because of the 13 year competition drought, but also because of the ratings that they received. The Concert Band received Exemplary ratings from all three judges in the performance room and the judge in the sight reading room.

The Concert Band is all smiles after a great performance.

For those of you who were never in band, I’ll explain what an Exemplary ratings means beyond the vague definition of “It’s a good score!”.

Band competitions work way differently than sports, so just get all of that out of your head. At a band competition, a musician or an ensemble performs and a judge gives them a rating based on how well they performed the music.

The judges look at a wide variety of things, such as posture and note accuracy, when they listen to a group perform. Below is a copy of what a judging form looks like, as you can see there are spaces for check marks. The judge places a check mark in the rating box they feel describes how well the music was performed.

For example, to earn an Exemplary rating most of your check marks would be in the far left box, while to earn an ineffective rating, most of your check marks would be in the far right box.

At the state competition, bands perform two prepared pieces for three judges (each sat in a different part of the performance room to hear all parts of the ensemble) and sight read a piece of music for another judge. Each judge gets their own form to fill out, and then each give their own rating of the band’s performance.

A little more explanation as to what an Exemplary rating means.

At the state competition the concert band performed Burnished Brass by Cacavas and American Riversongs by Pierre La Plante.

Joe Wilhelm, the new band director this year, said “I’m so proud of the students, they far exceeded my expectation as well as their own. It’s not easy to go to a competition of that caliber and receive all exemplary ratings after not attending for 13 years. This is what traditions are built on, and I look forward to competing again next year”.

As a member of the band, I can say that these pieces are definitely not easy, and that I am beyond proud of the months of hard work that everyone put in for an awesome performance. This would have never been possible without everyone in the program working their hardest to achieve things we never thought were possible.

Drama Performs Sleeping Beauty

By Allie Jackson

Once upon a time in a performing arts center far far away, a high school drama department performed Sleeping Beauty. The play, directed by Mr. Wyatt Hester, told the story of a young princess and a young prince. The princess is cursed, she falls in love with a prince, she pricks her finger on a spinning wheel, she falls into a deep sleep, the prince kills the bad lady and you probably know the rest. It’s a classic love story and our drama department did an excellent job at bringing it to life.

Sleeping Beauty was a charming and fun play filled with musical numbers, silly fairies, a scary witch who casts spells, and a teensy bit of romance. Our Prince and Princess who was played by Mr. Erron Jones and Miss. Gabby Nalley, answered some of my “after the show” questions.

Question 1: How do you think it went?

Gabby:  “I think the play went very well!”

Erron: ” It was fantastic!”

Question 2:  What were you most nervous about?

Gabby: “I was most nervous about not doing the songs well enough. I felt like I wouldn’t have made the best Aurora if I didn’t have my songs down!”

Erron: ” It would most definitely be the kiss in the play. I was so nervous about my face turning a very dark shade of red!”

Question 3:  What was it like playing opposite your boyfriend/girlfriend in real life?

Gabby:  “I felt like we didn’t have to act all that much. It felt almost natural. Nothing was forced.”

Erron:  “I was extremely excited, but also extremely nervous. I was 10x more comfortable with the fact Gabby was Aurora, but at the same time, I was 10x as nervous. I don’t know why, but I just felt that way.”

Some photos from the play:

Sleeping Beauty was an excellent conclusion to the year. Seniors JJ Richards, Erin Wolfe, Tyson Vallance, Zoe Vallance, Huechi Xiong, and Chuy, made their final debut on our MCHS stage during Sleeping Beauty. Don’t worry though, we have some newbies coming up to bat in the drama department as well. If you want to see some of the younger classmen in action, there will be three evenings of Dinner Theater’s put on by our Drama 1 and 2 classes. Here is the flyer:

2019 Yearly Yawp

By Maya Dally

After hundreds of entries and many hours of editing, this year’s edition of The Yearly Yawp is finally ready!

The books will be available to buy on April 25 at our MCHS Fine Arts Night, which will be taking place in the PAC. You can also snag the book by visiting Mrs. Toomoth’s classroom, or you can help an NHS member out by buying one through them!

All previous editions of the Yearly Yawp will also be available for purchase during the Fine Arts Night.

Vol. 1, 2, and 3

Grab one (or all!) of these beauties up while you still can! They help support our National Honor Society, as well as the young poets who submitted their work!

Senior Seminar Trip

By Natalie Staib


On February 28, some senior seminars (English hallway) are going on a trip to the Wonders of Wildlife Aquarium and Wildlife Gallery. The location is Bass Pro Shops in Springfield, Mo and the bus will be leaving at 8:15 a.m. If you are going on the trip, make sure to be on time that Thursday.

d9836c84dc8afd71cd45ea94d271eac462a79927_wow-families-sr-6377-3 (2)

There are two requirements for this privilege. You must have 90% attendance and the cost of viewing the galleries is $30.

One other important detail to consider is the approximated arrival back at the high school is 5:30 p.m.


Drama Performs A Christmas Carol

By Allie Jackson

Recently, I got the opportunity to attend MCHS’s A Christmas Carol. Many considered this show the best the school has ever seen, and I have to agree. This play was a long time in the making and took dedication from both students and teacher.

The beginning of the performance

The week the play came out, I was able to sit in on a short practice. I watched as students rehearsed their lines and practiced their many stage cues. Stress levels were high with only a couple days left, and behind the curtain you could hear a student whisper, “We’re all going to need therapy after this play.” Some of the girls in the class shared with me that they were a little nervous about the outcome of the play, one of the main reasons being that there was such a large number of people involved.

“Lots of people have put lots of hard work into this play. I’m excited to see how it turns out.” -Summer McCool

From left to right: Brooke England, Gabby Nalley, Summer McCool, Jessikah Lilly

There were over 200 people who participated in the play. All of the drama classes were involved in the production along with high school show choir, concert choir, junior high choir, and the local Anderson Dance Academy. When the big day finally came, family, friends, locals, and teachers alike, filled the room. The audience watched the story of Ebenezer Scrooge come to life.

Gabby Nalley singing Ave Maria right before intermission. This song was absolutely gorgeous. I noticed lots of people wiping tears, including the older man sitting next to me. 

I’m no theater critic, but I thought the play was great! JJ Richards who played Scrooge said he thought the play went well and that he thought most everyone enjoyed it. JJ also said he loved seeing all the kids come together for one play, and that he was impressed with the planning from Mr. Hester (The MCHS drama teacher).

“My favorite part was probably watching all the different groups together. There were 5 or 6 different groups performing and they didn’t practice together until the week of the show.” -JJ Richards

Taylor Tyson, JJ Richards

This is Mr. Hester’s first year at MCHS and he is already making a name for himself. I asked him a few question involving the play and future productions. The interview is as follows:

Question:  How is your first year at McDonald County High School?

Mr. Hester:  My first year has been very positive, filled with talented students, helpful colleagues, and  supportive administration.

From left to right: Taylor Tyson, Erin Wolfe

How do you think the play went?

Mr. Hester:  The play, A Christmas Carol,  was a great success due to the dedication of the students, and the talented faculty and staff  that lead them including, Mr. Tyler Davis, Mr. Graham Bunting, Mrs. Shelly Capps, Mrs. Lisa Wallis, and Mrs. Staci Campbell.

Eli Jackson and Anton Mart

What are your plans for next semester?

Mr. Hester:  We are working on getting the rights to the spring musical, when this is accomplished we will announce the production to be produced in the performing arts center. We are also planning on presenting a Spring Showcase at the end of next semester in our black box theater (HS Room 401).

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MCHS Spirit Week

By Allie Jackson

This week is MCHS’s Holiday Spirit Week. Not only does this week give you a chance to wear hats and pajamas, but it it also gets you into the holiday spirit! During this week there will be activities in the library after school every day along with chances to dress up with that days theme. Seminar doors and trees will be judged and parties thrown for the winners. If you don’t want to miss out on the good times, keep reading for a full schedule of events.

Dress Up Days:

Monday: Hat Day

Tuesday: Pajama Day/Snuggie Day (Think Ralphie in A Christmas Story)

Wednesday: Ugly Sweater Day ( There will be a cheermeister award given to the person with the ugliest sweater)! 

Thursday: Christmas Character Day

Friday:  MCHS Spirit Day

Image result for ugly sweater

After School Events:

Monday: Board Games and Break out box in the library

Tuesday: Cocoa Bar and The Polar Express in the library

Wednesday: Karaoke in the library

Thursday: Decorating Cookies and the movie Elf  in the library

Friday/Saturday: A Christmas Carol is being performed by MCHS Theater Department and Music Department Friday and Saturday at 7:00 PM.

Image result for buddy the elf gif

Door and Tree Decorating Contest:

  • Seminars doors and trees will be judged Dec. 10 during B3.
  • Please turn your trees into to the library.
  • The classes who win the contests will be awarded a Christmas party in the library!

Image result for christmas tree elf gif