Artist Spotlight: Remy Grover

By Lily Ward 

Remy Grover is a junior at MCHS and is extremely talented.  Remy has loved art since they were little. Their sister would always draw with them and has always been supportive of Remy’s art. Remy’s sister drifted away from art but Remy’s love for art grew. Now, Remy plans on having art in their life as long as possible by becoming an illustrator or storyboard artist. People online will ask Remy to make drawings of characters they’ve created, DND characters, characters from shows or celebrities, portraits of them, and portraits of family or friends.

Meet the artist

“Inspiration can come from anywhere. For me, it’s usually YouTubers, TV shows, books, and video games. My favorite artwork is unprompted art. I love when i just have something come to mind and just start to draw. I started doing digital art a little over a year ago. I saw other artists doing digital art and it was really cool so I decided to try it out.”

– Remy Grover

Remy also started posting their art a little over a year ago onto social media and people’s reactions changed them.

An example of Remy’s art.

It was like whiplash. I went from hating my art and thinking I couldn’t go anywhere with it, now I’m selling art it was wild. The first time someone commented on my art I literally cried.”

Testing the Waters

People began to demand for content from Remy which gave them opportunities to explore different art styles.

“I’ve improved more in that one year than I had in my entire life.”


I asked Remy for advice for other beginning artists and they gave very helpful advice. Remy pointed out that you need to practice as much as possible because that’s the only way you’ll get better. Remy also said “No matter what, draw for yourself. There will be people that will ask you to draw the most random stuff but if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable then don’t. You have the ability to refuse a request.”


So That is the story of the talented Remy Grover and how art affects their life. 


Art Class, Something for Everyone

By Yocellin, Nerlinda, Sue Ann, Caitlyn

Art is a class at the McDonald County High School. Ms.Hamblen, Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Walthall are the teachers for art. In art there’s a lot to fun activities to do like make stuff out of clay, make things out of recycling stuff, paint, create sculptures, there’s printmaking, charcoal drawings,shading, coloring, oil pastel, and a lot more.  There’s even an art club too and anyone can join and do lots of stuff and help the teachers.

If you love to draw, paint, make stuff out of clay and be creative, then this class is for you! At our school we have “drawings of the week” and the drawings that win go up in a glass frame for people to see. They also have art shows and the Big 8 competitions. The art teachers choose good artwork to put into the contests, and you get first second or third place in the competitions then you get ribbons for winning. In the art classes sometimes the teacher will put out a setting of pottery or an object in the front of the class, and everyone will draw it. Don’t be scared to take art, show your skills!

Artist Spotlight: Makayla Stone

By Allie Jackson

Artist spotlights are perhaps the greatest articles to write. Not only do I get to learn more about the artist themselves, but I get to see what makes their art and character so beautifully unique. I am excited about this particular spotlight because this artist is a girl of few words. Makayla Stone, a junior this year at MCHS, expresses herself not necessarily through words but through art. After learning a bit about Makayla, I realized that she has a wonderful gift that needs to be recognized, so read on to see how Makayla speaks through her art.


Recently, Makayla won gold at a Scholastic Art Competition for the Missouri region. Her piece titled Ghost in the Machine moved on nationally where it earned silver.

When asked about the piece, Makayla stated, “This piece was made last summer, between sophomore and junior year. It is a print, I mainly used two processes screen print (which is using a screen that looks kind of like the screen outside your window, and making a stencil out of it) and dry-point (taking plastic or metal and carving it, and putting it in a printing press, kind of like an intricate, shallow, stamp) . I did these processes several times to layer. I used a dryf-point plate (or “stamp”) about 4 times to get the background, and then I used 3 different screens (or “stencils”), one for the morse code in the background, one for the text, and one for the girl (which I used three times on top of each other), I went over this piece about 9 times.”

For Makayla, her inspiration changes from piece to piece. “Sometimes I’ll just be looking around and an idea will hit me, other times I have to follow a prompt,” says Makayla,”or I’ll really like something and want to emulate or mimic it.”

After HS, Makayla ideally wants to find a career that allows her to create. She would love to become a Master Printmaker, but she knows that art may not be the most practical career and has considered other careers.

“Whatever I do, I want to incorporate drawing,  painting, or printmaking.”                                                                                                                                                         


Although she says very little, Makayla’s art speaks loudly. She is wonderfully creative and is an overall great kid. Below are some of her other prints and drawings, and if you are interested in printmaking, talk to Makayla, she’s pretty good at it. 

The Art of Rob Gonsalves

By Cylee Drake

An illusion is a distortion of the senses, which can reveal how the human brain normally organizes and interprets sensory stimulation. Although illusions distort our perception of reality, they are generally shared by most people. All of the following paintings were brought to life by Rob Gonsalves.

Woods Within

Gonsalves was born June 25, 1959  in Toronto, Ontario. Growing up, he was very fascinated by art. He began creating his first painting at the age of twelve after learning about architectural perspective techniques.

Alpine Navigation

His work was heavily influenced by René François Ghislain Magritte, a Belgian surrealist artist. Both created art under the category of “magic realism.”

Tree House in Autumn

After college, Gonsalves worked as a full-time architect painting murals and theater sets. When his artistic work started to become more popular, Gonsalves devoted himself to painting as a full-time job.

A Change in Scenery

His work was published in his first hard cover book, Imagine a Night, featuring sixteen of his paintings.

A Change in Scenery II

Gonsalves work has been exhibited at Art Expo New York , Art Expo Los Angeles, Decor Atlanta, Decor Las Vegas, as well as one-man show at Huckleberry Fine Art.

As Above and So Below

Gonsalves’ work was even featured in Ariana Grande’s music video for her song “God is a Woman.”

Bedtime Aviation

Rob Gonsalves ended his life on June 14, 2017 at the age of 57 near Brockville, Ontario.

Artist Spotlight: Summer McCool

By Allie Jackson

A good friend of mine, Summer McCool, strolled into Government class one day with her newest art project in hand. It was a large pencil drawing of her grandmother on a boat in Europe. I was immediately in shock at the realness of the drawing. Another girl in my class said she thought it was an actual picture at first. A wave of awe spread through half of the class as we admired Summer’s work.

Summer on a mission trip last summer.

Summer McCool is a junior at MCHS and has plans on becoming a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. She works hard in school but also makes sure to take time for the things she loves. Summer is an active member in MCHS Drama department and played the role of Fan in a Christmas Carol. She enjoys being in the outdoors, listening to music, and spending time with friends and family. Summer is an active member in her church and wants her plans to be ultimately in line with God’s plans.  

An unfinished painting of Summers cat Leo.

Inspired by her Grandma, Summer has been making art for years. Summer is currently enrolled in Art III and has spent the majority of her year working on a large pencil drawing that is based off of a photograph. The photo is of Summer’s Grandma Lis, and her friend Rose on a boat in Europe.

Summer’s grandma is the girl on the left.
Summers pencil drawing.

“Ever since I was little I loved hearing my Grandma’s endless stories of her wild adventures traveling the world with her friends, and I wanted to do something that encapsulated that. She has always lived her life fully and boldly and that is something I will always admire. My Grandmother is also a phenomenal artist so it felt only right to do my best work for her.”                         -Summer McCool

Summer likes to get creative with her subjects, and she keeps things fresh by changing up her mediums. Her art is truly amazing and can be found hanging in the halls of the high school.

A colored pencil of Summer’s dog Molly.
Summer used finger nail polish to paint the back of her ukulele.

Homecoming Recap

By Adasyn Leach


This week has been a great start to homecoming, but what exactly do people do? If you’ve ever went you will notice that there’s a student section where students         (upperclassmen) stand on bleachers and cheer on the football team, along with the cheerleaders. Then there’s all the parents who like to stand, and lean on the fence. Most of the kids go down to the end of the football field and would rather stand and talk to their friends than watch the football game themselves. What I do personally, I go to watch my brother, and hangout with friends. It is a great time to support our team and rejoin friends outside of school.

When you go to a regular football game there is a lot of people, but let’s compare that to the homecoming game. There were a lot more people which include parents, students and teachers. They  were not only supporting the Mustangs, but cheering them on as well, when they scored, they would tell the football players to keep up the good work.


Homecoming was not all about watching the game. Outside of the football game, there were people on the Art on the Van Gogh bus painting students faces, also people were cooking and selling food. People were even making and selling coffee’s to raise money for other school projects/clubs.

Brooke England’s Art Concert

By Maya Dally


It’s a well-known fact that music and art go hand in hand, so it’s not surprising that Brooke England’s impromptu guitar playing in art class became a viral sensation. It all started when Tyson Valance left his guitar in art teacher Mrs. Walthall’s classroom. Brooke spotted the stringed instrument and asked if she could play it during class. Recognizing the creative value, of course Walthall had to say yes!

Brooke England first began practicing music when her and her older sister Ryleigh England, senior, started singing with their grandfather’s small band. They also regularly played with their church. Mrs. Walthall only had good things to say about the performance,

I am just so thankful that she was bold enough with her talent and her creativity to share it with the class. I’m really glad she was comfortable enough with us to get up there and really perform. She has a natural gift. Other students were even singing along with her; it was so great to see. – Mrs. Walthall

Brooke played all different types of songs during the R4 art class, including more popular songs and Christian tunes. When asked how it felt to get to share her passion with her peers. Brooke said, “It was a really great opportunity, I really love to perform. I actually have an Instagram for it here!

Here’s what Mrs. Walthall had to say about how the other students responded: “They absolutely loved it, the feeling I got from it all was just so positive. I had some students coming up to me and asking if Brooke could play again. Music and art really go hand in hand, so it was really awesome to see it in this setting. It really improved creativity.”

Brooke’s performance was recorded and posted to Facebook. The video now has almost 200 shares and 10,000 views! You can watch the video here:


Caffeinated Creations

By Maya Dally

MCHS will be hosting an art event which will include poetry readings, drama & musical performances, art showings by our own students, prostart food, and coffee! The event will take place in the cafeteria and PAC on May 1st, this Tuesday. All are welcome to come and read a poem or just hang out, look at some art, and drink some coffee! Here’s the flyer:


Be sure to stop by and enjoy the fun!

2018 Beauty and The Beast Show at MCHS

By Mallory Carpenter

If you missed this year’s production of Beauty and the Beast by our very own high school’s theater class, you missed out on a super awesome show. On Friday, April 13th, I had the privilege of watching this amazing show in action on opening night. The costumes, scenery, and acting were all very incredible. It was all beautifully put together. The cast, Mrs. Wooten, and those who helped with the lights and backdrop did a truly amazing job.

I usually dislike plays, but when I heard about this one, I was beyond excited. I personally love Beauty and The Beast and the way the producers put this show together was awesome.

Here’s a cast list from Ariel Pilkerton:


I truly hope they do this show again another weekend because more people need to see this incredible work. Thank you to everyone who made this show possible with your hard work and dedication. It was a true work of art. Great job Mustangs!

Here are a few pictures from those in the audience of this performance: