Podcast – What’s Good – Ep. 10

The Rise of BTS

By  Jesseca Raney

BTS stands for Bangtan Sonyeondan (방탄소년단), which in english means Bulletproof Boys. Is a seven member group With the oldest being Kim SeokJin (Jin), Min Yoongi (Suga), Jung Hoseok (J-Hope), Kim NamJoon (RM), Park Jimin (Jimin), Kim Teahyung (V), and Jeon Jungkook (Jungkook) being the youngest. The group officially deputed on June 13th, 2013 under BigHit Entertainment which at the time was a very poor company. Their debut album was called 2Cool 4 Skool with the main song being No More dream. 

BTS in 2013 as HipHop Idol group posted by https://btsdiary.com/ 

At first BTS debuted as a Hip-Hop idol group with other celebrities mocking them and telling them that they had no chance of lasting as a group. In the first few years while the group was receiving more hate then love, many “fans” would go on and tell the group that RM, the leader, and J-Hope that they should leave the group, that they had no talent and where the ugliest members of the group. At one point Bang PD-nim, CEO of BIGHIT, had asked RM if he would like to leave the group and become a solo rapper. This was aa slight test to see where his loyalty lied with his members for that the other six were able to watch the video of RM, known as Rap Monster at the time, thought hard on the decision. His choice odvislelly ws to stay with the group as he is still the leader of the group has of present time. 

2017 bbmas BTS won top social artiest image poted from 

With many people working against the boy group, they never gave up hope. They came close to giving up many times throughout the years but they have kept going and pushing through the hardships. These seven boys in the recent years have preformed at many huge US music events like in 2018 BTS preformed their song Fake Love. 


Other US activities they had done where, preforming and talking on Ellen and on the Late Late Show with James Corden. While in the US, the boys also got the chance to become great friends with quite a few American artists that they collaborated with.

Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

In 2019 BTS made a collab song with Halsey called Boy With Love. One of the rappers, J-Hope, also in late 2019 bought the old song Chicken Noodle Soup where they mixed not only English and Korean into the song but a good bit of Spanish. In a snippet video of Billie Eillish ,she asked her fans if she should collaborate with BTS. A lot of her fans yelled saying no don’t but in the video Billie looked genuinely offended by this and went on to say how mean they were and saying that BTS are such nice people and really cool people. 

Getty images

During mid 2019 the boys had taken a well needed vacation enjoying time to themselves and getting a chance to just be young-adults instead of idols. Although the group had decided to come back early and are now working tours, being with their fans and getting prepared to release new music to their fans. These seven men have been through thick and thin since 2013, but have become one of the biggest groups in the world. Through the next years, BTS will hopefully continue to make waves with their music and bring joy to those who listen to it. 

BTS is ‘a phenomenon more interesting than the music at its centre’. Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage 

Senior Spotlight – Grace Poland

By Alexia Estrada

Grace Poland is a senior at MCHS this year. She wants to attend the University of Arkansas for 4 years to become a Physical Therapist.  Outside of school, Grace enjoys spending time with friends, and hanging out at Lily’s house.

                            Grace Olivia Poland

Grace is a member of FFA, NHS, SNHS, and Rho Kappa. Grace played basketball for 8 years, has cheered for 5 years and played volleyball for 4 years. She has also played powder puff for 4 years. What can I say? she’s done it all! 

Grace playing volleyball

I interviewed her classmate, and teacher and they had some nice things to say about her:

“I love Grace’s personality, she always runs errands for me. I love her she’s a great girl.”

– Connie M.

”She always strives to do her best, and she never fails to make anyone smile.”

– Jaylie S
Lily, Grace, and Maggie

Love+Fear: Acoustic Review

By  Jacob Winkler

Love+Fear (Acoustic) is an EP album released by Welsh singer-songwriter Marina Diamandis (Know professionally as MARINA, and previously as Marina and the Diamonds) on September 13, 2019. The EP features 5 tracks, all of which are acoustic versions of songs previously released on MARINA’s 4th studio album Love+Fear, which was partially released on April 4, 2019 and entirely on April 26, 2019 (The first 8 tracks of the album, which make up the “Love” aspect of the album, was released before the rest of the album, un-announced). 

The album’s track listing includes acoustic versions of “Orange Trees”, “Superstar”, and “Karma” which are 3 of Love+Fear’s 5 singles, as well as acoustic versions of “True” and “No More Suckers”. I really enjoyed Love+Fear, so I had high hopes for this EP, especially since all of the songs selected for the EP are some of my favorites. I must admit, I was not disappointed. So, here is my honest opinion of each song on the album.

Track Number 1- True (Acoustic)

The first track on the EP is “True”. This upbeat and inspirational bop was written by Diamandis, Jonnalis Parmenius, Oscar Holter, and Oscar Gorres (Also known as OzGo). The song talks about being true to yourself and not listening to the standards and expectations society has set. The song has a beautiful message behind it and MARINA’s vocals are stellar. The acoustic version of the song is slightly slower and less-upbeat than the original, but it is still just as beautiful as the original. 

Track Number 2- Superstar (Acoustic)

The EP’s second track is the second single from “Love+Fear”, “Superstar”. Written by Diamandis, Benjamin Berger, Ryan McMahon, and Ryan Rabin, “Superstar” is a great song that talks about the singer’s great relationship with her partner, whom she calls her superstar (hence the name of the song). Both the acoustic and the original versions of the song are great, but the acoustic version just has a certain tone to it that I love.

Track Number 3- Karma (Acoustic)

The third track on the album and my favorite song from “Love+Fear”, “Karma” is an amazing song written by Diamandis, Jack Patterson, Berger, McMahon, and Rabin. The opening instrumental part is absolutely stunning. Starting with an airy twinkling sound (which is simply programing), it then stops and is replaced with a guitar, mandolin, or ukulele (I’m not sure which one is used, unless all three are) accompanied with twinkling bells, before transitioning into the first verse. When it comes to the verses, chorus, and backing-instrumental, not a lot has changed. You still have Diamandis’s beautifully haunting background vocals, nice lead vocals, and the guitar/ukulele/mandolin backing. The only thing that seems to have changed it the drum mixing and pop programing has been removed. This adds a certain rawness to the song, that just adds to the hunting quality of the song. 

Track Number 4- No More Suckers (Acoustic)

The EP’s fourth track is the next-to-last track on the “Fear” side of “Love+Fear”, “No More Suckers”. Written by Diamandis, Alex Hope, and James Flannigan, the original isn’t exactly the biggest hit on the album (Love+Fear). I personally enjoy the song, but it isn’t the best. Now, as for the acoustic version of the song, it is superior in my opinion. Now, is it the best on the EP? Wel…no. However, in my opinion, it is better than the original. One of the most notable differences between the original and the acoustic is that the chorus has been changed from featuring mostly high notes, to lower notes. In fact, most of the lead vocal section is lower than the original. 

This, mixed with the techy-pop programing being replaced with guitar and what sounds like piano adds a more serious tone to the song, which helps to better convey the song’s message about people taking advantage of you all the time and you finally stopping them. Out of all the songs on this EP, I’d have to say this is my favorite. 

Track Number 5- Orange Trees (Acoustic)

The fifth and final track on the album is the third single from “Love+Fear”, “Orange Trees”. The song was written by Diamandis, Kaj Hassel, Jakob Jerlstorm, and Gorres. In the acoustic version of this song the guitar (and possibly ukulele) are more pronounced, which adds to the overall tone of the song.  The song doesn’t seem any less upbeat than the original, however without the percussion parts and all the pop music programing, it makes the song sound more passionate and slow. This adds a certain beauty to the song, that I personally feel makes the song better than the original. 

If I had to rank the songs on the EP, I’d have to say (from my favorite to least favorite):

  • No More Suckers
  • Orange Trees
  • Karma
  • True
  • Superstar

Obviously, all 16 of the songs from “Love+Fear” couldn’t become acoustic and make it onto the album. However, there are a few I would have liked to see as acoustics. “Handmade Heaven”, “Too Afraid”, “Soft to Be Strong”, “Emotional Machine”, and “To Be Human” are a few tracks I would have liked to see on the album. I feel like acoustic versions of these songs would have been a great edition to the album.

Of course, you probably want to know what other people think of this album. So, I asked a student to listen to the album and tell me what they thought of it. 

I decided to ask senior, Jillian Randolph. When asked about the album, and her opinion on it,  told me: “I really enjoy the album; it makes me think of summer. I don’t listen to that genre much, but I absolutely love it.” She also said her favorite song on the album was “Karma (Acoustic)”.

So, there you have it; my, as-well as a few other people’s opinions on Love+Fear: Acoustic by MARINA. 

Ten Weird Phobias

By Decklynn Johnston

There are some pretty weird things out there in the world, some of them being people’s fears. Some of them just seem unreal. These are then phobias that seem weird or unbelievable.


Everyone these days are attached to their phones, right? Mainly teenagers. This phobia affects over fifty percent of cellphone users. It is characterized by feeling anxiety or apprehension when one’s phone is unable to be used. Examples being when there’s no service, the phone is dead, or even if there’s no time card on the phone.

Image result for stock photo phone


Also known as anemophobia, this is the fear of wind. Ancraophobics tend to get anxious or uneasy while outdoors or near open windows. This phobia can also make people uneasy when they pass hand dryers or overhead air vents. It’s believed that this phobia is triggered by an experience that is embedded in the person’s subconscious. This phobia is very uncommon. 

Image result for stock photo wind


This phobia is the fear of mirrors. It can stem from a traumatic event involving mirrors, or sometimes it can have something to do with religion or superstitions such as a broken mirror being bad luck or the belief that a mirror is a portal for souls, attracting ghosts and spirits. Spectrophobics will do anything in their power to avoid mirrors or anything that reflects or is made of glass. Some of them also avoid horror movies or scary TV shows. 

Image result for stock photo mirror


This phobia just might be the weirdest one on this list. Ablutophobia is the persistent and irrational fear of cleaning, washing or bathing. This phobia is categorized under a group of phobias called specific phobias, which are an irrational fear of a certain thing or situation. Ablutophobia is more common in women and children than it is in men. 

Image result for stock photo clean


This phobia is extremely hard to pronounce and it is also extremely inexplicable. This is the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth. Just like many other phobias, when it is triggered (in this case the trigger would be eating peanut butter or when it is wedged on the roof of one’s mouth) the sufferer feels dread, anxiety, panic, terror, shortness of breath and accelerated heartbeat. However, the symptoms can vary based on the severity of the fear. This phobia can stem from an experience just like most phobias. 

Image result for stock photo peanut butter


This one is very rare. Allodoxaphobia is the phobia of opinions. It’s believed that people with this phobia have experienced not being able to properly express their opinion or their opinion was rejected. The affected person often refuses to be involved in opinion-based conversations and this phobia can also reflect a fear of confrontation. 

Image result for stock photo opinion


It’s highly unlikely that someone with this phobia will be at any event involving balloons. Sometimes the sufferer is afraid of the balloon itself, sometimes of the balloon popping, or both. The sight, touch or smell of balloons can trigger a panic attack. In most cases, it is most present in childhood and decreases when you get older. However, sometimes it can continue into adulthood. This phobia is more common in females than in males.

Image result for stock photo balloon


This phobia might be the most unbelievable or hardest to understand. Genuphobia is the irrational fear of knees. Whether it be their own, someone else’s, or just the act of kneeling. In most cases, this phobia stems from a traumatic knee injury. 

Image result for stock photo knee


Compared to the rest of them on this list, this phobia is quite understandable. Pupaphobia is the phobia of puppets. A lot of kids like watching puppet shows on TV, and others really just want absolutely nothing to do with them. This phobia, like Globophobia, is more common in children but can follow you into adulthood. 

Image result for stock photo puppet


Oh, the irony. This word is incredibly long, which means that people with this phobia are probably afraid of their own condition name. This fear of long words often occurs in school-aged children. It can be from being laughed at or being made fun of while reading or trying to pronounce long words.

Image result for stock photo words

Student Spotlight – Luke Kitlen

By Hailey Staib

I interviewed Luke Kitlen a student at MCHS. He is in the 11th grade. Kitlen is such an attentive and an all around friendly person. He’s someone you can always count on. Luke took most of his interview for a joke which just goes to show how much of a fun person he is.

(Question) What’s your favorite past time?

(Luke) “I enjoy taking pictures with my camera.” 

What would you do if you won a million dollars?

“I would move to Chicago and never come back.”

What is your favorite candy?

“I HATE candy with a burning passion.”

What’s your dog’s name?

“Dogs are so lame do not ask me about dogs I am a vegetarian.“

Are you vegetarian? 

“Yes I only eat meat.”   

What tickles you toes?

“It tickles my toes when someone like, takes my shoes off and tickles them. Fun fact: Hailey tickles my toes.”

What’s your favorite smell?


What kind of car do you drive?

“A Mustang, and I work at Pizza Hut.”  

What is your favorite aesthetic?

“Chains or E Boy.”

If you could live anywhere, where would you live?