Wash Your hands

By Cheyenne Scates

When we are sick, we all know the actions we must take keep others from also getting sick. Covering your coughs and sneezes, cleaning the surfaces you have touched, and just staying home when you are sick are all things that you can do, but the biggest thing that you can do is wash your hands and wash them properly.

Wash your hands.
(Image taken from Pixabay.com)

Washing your hands is not difficult, but many people cut the time short or think that it will be okay if they don’t use soap THIS TIME. The proper way to wash your hands is with water that is as warm as your hands can stand it, USE SOAP, and scrub for around 20 seconds, getting under nails, between fingers, and up the arms before rinsing. If you do this, you will feel so much cleaner AND so much happier.

You don’t want these things.
(Image taken from Pixabay.com)

So, the next time you feel like washing your hands, make sure you do it correctly. Use warm water (as warm as you can stand it), use soap and scrub in crevices for 20 seconds, rinse and use your towel to dry your hands. Wash your hands, and you knock down your chances of getting sick or other people sick.