MCHS Powerlifting Team

By Chazz Jacks

The MCHS powerlifting team has been on a roll this season, for the boys side placing first at both meets so far this season (Joplin High School and Glendale) and the girls getting third (Joplin High School) and first (Glendale). I’m here to tell you what makes this team so dominant.

Meet the Team


On the boys side of this team there are 26 males (Kolton Blue, Sampson Boles, Arturo Morales,  Eric Munoz ,Jaw Soe, Michael Williams, Trent Alik Kaiden Campbell, Junior Eliam, Bailey Lewis, Jesus Mendoza, Orvill Pitts, Bradley Saylor, Mark Clements, Zach Hinton, Chazz Jacks, Jonathan Lingo, Jared Mora, Levi Neale, Jorge Ramirez, Alexis Sanchez, Nine Tu, Raider Blue, Jaxen Campbell, Jordan Saylor, Connor Yang) every one of these lifters are unique in there own way such as Connor Yang being able to pull a 325 dead lift at only 103 body weight as a freshman, Kaiden Campell squatting 600 pounds as a junior, Sampson Boles squat cleaning 260 at the 145 lb class, and Jesuz Mendoza benching 225 at 168 as a first year power lifter, which is insane.


On the girl’s side there are 7 (Jackie Grider,  Emily Thornton, Nicole Estrada, Ebenee Munoz, Zoe Thornton, Kylan Horton-Sherman, Reagan Myrick). Led by Grider, and Thorton (Thorton a multiple state champion). The girl’s side is small in numbers but big in heart and strength.

Image result for mcdonald county high school powerlifting team
2017-2018 squad takes 2nd at State

What Makes this Team Different

I spoke to the head coach of the power lifting team (Coach McCullough) about what makes this year’s team different and special from his past teams, and he said that this year’s team is very different. From lots of heavyweight lifters to more lightweight-middleweight athletes, McCullough is very impressed with the teams success with this new style and hopefully this team continues to impress.

Over the past 4 years of competing, the team has gotten 10 team awards with an average of 4 meets a season. But there is still something missing from the awards, a first place at state. They have gotten very close over the years, bu they haven’t had enough people. McCullough states, “It’s a numbers game.”

The team needs just a few more people to win state from 35-45 athletes. The closest was 2018 where they placed 2nd but fell short because they didn’t have enough athletes. Hopefully this years squad gets gold March 7th at Glendale with this new type of personal from lots of 200 lb-250 athletes to more 125-175 lifters.

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