Student Spotlight: Rony Lopez

By Avoleen Joseph

If you look around our school, and even our whole county, there is a lot of diversity. There are people from all around the world that come to McDonald County, and even some, you don’t expect them to be from another country or state. 

For example, Rony Lopez, a freshman from Noel, is a student who came to America from Guatemala when he was in fourth grade. When he arrived at Noel, he didn’t really understand much of anything, considering he was from another country. His ability to speak and interact with other students were limited because he couldn’t understand English. Of course, some of the students who spoke Spanish were able to speak with him. 

“It was pretty easy to adapt, because I learned English pretty quick,” he had stated. 

His response to the question ‘Did you have a hard time making friends?’ was, “Nah, making friends was easy. The first week, I made, like four friends,” he bragged. 

He says that he doesn’t really miss his country. 

“I kinda don’t because it’s not as clean as the United States. It’s not very safe, either. The only reason I miss it is because I can’t see my grandpa anymore.” 

He states that going from not knowing English to becoming super smart “feels good because now, I can understand what the teachers are teaching and I can learn from it.” He also added: “I don’t consider myself super smart, but I always try to do better than most of the kids in the class.”

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