Our Improved Weight Room

By Chazz Jacks

Well, if you’re in weights here at MCHS, you’ve probably seen or heard  the new upgrades that have happened in our weight room. First from what I remember, the first major upgrade was the TV with the good speaker. Next was the stretch band and weight belt holders which was nice before that we just put them all in a locker. Then we got some Olympic bars, which I loved and other people who are good at clean. Then we went from old school clips to these Rogue Fitness Collars. More and more good upgrades kept happening freshman year.

Then we got three new squat racks, two on each on so six in total plus four pull up bars. Now we have nine squat racks and four pull up bars. Can’t wait to see what new improvements the weight room has in the upcoming future.

Students thoughts of the weight room upgrades

“My favorite weight room upgrade is probably the new clips or olympic bars because its not as time consuming as the old clips and old bars. The old clips were rusty and were very hard to get on. The olympic bars are nice for cleaning, with free bar rotation and doesn’t grind.”

Danny Grider (Sophomore)

“I like the room we have, more racks for more people, better equipment so we don’t get hurt”

Jacob Gordon (Freshman)

“Probably the squat racks we got, plus they came with more pull up bars. More space in there, easier to set up for squats just a newer and cleaner look.”

Arturo Morales (Senior)

“Squat racks, there’s so much more room, more racks, easier to lift, more people can lift… it’s beautiful.”

Jackson Clarkson (Junior)

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