High School Rodeo to Pro Rodeo

By Alexis Bishop and Ashlyn Shumate

Growing up in rodeo community meant the world to me. I got to meet some of the best cowboys/cowgirls in the world. Rodeo is a sport that got started by the practice of herding cattle in Spain, Mexico, later on in South America, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines. Rodeo is the Spanish meaning for roundup. It is hard to find when the first rodeo in America was. Most of what’s in today’s rodeo came from Prescott’s rodeo in 1888.

Image result for prescott rodeo 1884 pictures"

In the sport of rodeo there is one thing all cowboys/cowgirls wait for which is the NFR. The NFR is ten days of rodeo in Las Vegas. Most cowboys want to go from high school rodeo to the PRCA. To apply to be a member of the PRCA you must obtain a pro card. You also must have earned at least $1000 at a PRCA sanctioned rodeo. There is no time limit to “fill” your PRCA permit. Money won under a permit card will only go towards circuit standings. The money you earn in a season with your PRCA membership goes towards your world standings. Most cowboys in the PRCA make around $136,419 to $436,479. More than 43 million people are fans of the PRCA. 

Going from high school rodeo to pro is a big change. High school rodeo you normally stay in your state and compete against others in your state. In pro rodeo you compete against the best cowboys/cowgirls in the word. While you do have a finals in high school rodeo, they are nothing like going to the NFR. While the change from high school rodeo to pro rodeo might be difficult, it is also a good way to meet new people and make new friends. People come from all around the world to compete in pro rodeo. If you ask anyone in pro rodeo they would tell you that they love the community and that rodeo is something they love to do. That being said rodeo isn’t just a sport it’s a passion.

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