The Friends You Need

By Lily Ward

In high school it can be very difficult to get by without the support of people you care about, so I’m going to try to help you how to find those people.

Say Goodbye To Toxic People

You can’t enjoy spending time with the people around you if there is drama going on. If there is someone in your life that drag you into stuff that you shouldn’t have to be a part of, then they are being selfish and not thinking about how you feel about the situation. I know that sometimes that person that drags you into drama isn’t always selfish. Sometimes, they just need your help and that’s okay, but if it’s something that makes you uncomfortable, then you need to talk to them. If you do talk to them about the situation you’re in and they don’t consider your feelings or don’t change anything to help you out, you don’t need them in your life to make things more difficult than they should be.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It could be really intimidating talking to people you don’t know, but it’s really not as hard as you think. If there is someone sitting alone and you are interested in talking to them then go for it. All you have to do is walk up to them, ask to sit down, then when they say yes introduce yourself. A good way of starting a conversation is complimenting them, if it’s an article of clothing, their hair, or something they own it doesn’t matter. Also if they say no to you sitting next to them don’t worry about it, they’re not worth your time. 

Be Yourself

Yeah, I know you probably hear that a lot but it’s true. If someone can’t accept your weird, different, and amazing personality then they don’t deserve to be friends with you. If you start out not being yourself when you meet someone it could become difficult to start acting how you would usually act because of fear of if you’ll be accepted, not wanting to be who you actually are, or something else. You have to be yourself because nobody else can and you will find people who appreciate you for you.

Advice From Other Students

Ruth Richie – “Just be nice and go for it, let people see your weirdness.”

Jessica Price – “ How to make friends, well start off by giving calming looks then approach them, have a good attitude and introduce yourself. When you’re introducing yourself maybe ask what their hobbies are, find out what they like, and see what you have in common. Once you find out what you have in common ask if they want to be friends and hang my dude.”

Kaylea Howell – “Say hey I’m ___ and I don’t have any friends wanna be my one and only. Actually don’t do that it might scare them off. I usually just awkwardly smile and nod my head when my friend talk to new people.” (You probably shouldn’t listen to her advice.)

Heather Farnum – “Break the ice by saying something funny and uplifting”

Kaitlyn Epling – “Be nice and accept everyone.”

Aurora Saturley- “You can’t make friends by being mean and being known as a bad person so be kind.”

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