Teacher Spotlight – Mr. Salaverry

By Kodie Leonard and Daneida Morales

Mr. Salaverry is a new teacher at MCHS. He is the Spanish 2 teacher with a lot of knowledge to share and a lot of stickers and candy to give.

Here is Mr. Salaverry, the new spanish 2 teacher in Paris, France!
Question: What high school did you go to?

(Mr. Salaverry) “Rogers Heritage High School in Rogers, Arkansas.”

What college did you attend?

“University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, Arkansas”

I heard you can speak a lot of languages, how many and what are they?

“I can speak three languages very well. They are English, Spanish, and French. I can speak the basics of Chinese and Japanese.”

Which language is your favorite to speak?

“My favorite to speak would have to be French because it has a cool accent, and you have to make your voice nasally.”

Did you always want to be a teacher? If not, what was your dream job?

“When I was little, I wanted to be a chef, but when I got into high school, I either wanted to be a journalist or a teacher.”

Have you taught anywhere else? If so, how was it different than McDonald County?

What do you like about McDonald County?

“I taught at Springdale High School in Springdale, Arkansas. It is different because the population is bigger over there, and there were a lot of minorities in students.”

“I like the culture that the school has. Everyone is united. It is basically like a big family, everyone is connected in some way.”

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