Prom Tips

By Faith Curtis

1. Do Eye Shadow Before Foundation

Applying your eye look before foundation is just a precaution in case you mess up, or don’t like the eye shadow. You can always take a makeup wipe and remove the eye look as many times as you want till you get it right.

Image result for eye makeup gif

2. Wear A Button-Up

When getting your hair and makeup done for prom, you should wear a button-up or zip-up shirt. This way when it’s time to change into your dress, your shirt will be easily removed without messing up your look.

Image result for button up shirt gif

3. Practice

If you are planning on doing your own hair/makeup, don’t just wing it the day of prom, practice it a few times before prom day. Practice makes perfect!

4. Eat Light

I recommend not eating anything on the day of prom, that you know makes you bloated. Drink lots of water, and eat lightly throughout the day to ensure your dress fits perfectly for the big day.

Related image

5. Clear Deodorant

You know the white marks you get on your clothes from your deodorant? To prevent that on prom day use either a light spray on deodorant, or a clear roll on deodorant.  

Image result for spray deodorant gif

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