New Coach, New Philosophy

By Mattie Leach and Natalie Staib

The winter sports season has finally started, and for girls basketball, this season is already looking quite different from last year. The girls team already has three wins this year compared to last year where they only had four wins total. They have had a complete change in coaching, with three new coaches: Coach Holz, freshman coach; Coach McDuffey, assistant coach; and Coach Kennedy, head coach.

Coach Kennedy has coached basketball for 25 years and says he hopes to bring to the table “a different philosophy and hopefully more enthusiasm”.

This season he hopes to see improvement, leadership, and kids being motivated to play. The girls say the new coaching staff motivates them every day to work hard and gives them a desire to improve.

Junior Ragan Wilson said, “We’re all glad for the fresh start and excited to see what we can do this season.”

The girls team won four games last season, and with the help of the new coaching staff, the team is hoping to improve on that record.

9 thoughts on “New Coach, New Philosophy”

  1. Does the team like the new coaches?can you make a county current on their wins, and are you guys on the basketball? thanks for the info.


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