Gifts That Teens Really Want

By Sophia Jaquez

Shopping for Christmas presents is one of the most stressful things about Christmas, and that stress is doubled when you are trying to shop for a teenager. Teenagers are some of the hardest people to shop for because their likes and dislikes are always changing. On top of that, they are in that awkward stage between child and adult, so most people find themselves asking “Do they want something grown up like a coffee maker? Or do they maybe want something more fun like a Lego set?”

Personally, I have heard a lot of adults complain about this problem, so to help out, I posted a question on my social media asking teenagers what gifts they want this year.  Below are some of the responses I received.

1. A Framed Picture

Related image

“Honestly I just want a framed picture of my family because I have taken them for granted a couple of times, and being far away from them makes you realize how important they really are. I feel like the picture will make me feel like I’m with them mentally when I can’t be physically.”

2. Christmas Themed Anything

Image result for cash me ousside christmas sweater

“Christmas themed clothes, or food, or pretty much anything would be really cool.”

3. CD’s

Related image

“I know they’re old fashioned but I love having a physical copy of music that I like. The extra artwork and things included with it make it so special. Plus they are pretty cheap.”

4. Stuff to Redecorate With

Image result for redecorated teen bedroom before and after pic

“I absolutely love decorating and rearranging my room, so curtains, cute wall decor, candles, bedding, decorative pillows, or anything along those lines are gifts that I would be more than happy to receive.”

5. Old Memories

Related image

“I feel like everyone would love a treasure box or a container filled with pictures of their family or pictures of themselves they haven’t seen, and/or objects that bring back memories to them. It’s always nice to see and remember memories with loved ones!”

6. A New Backpack

Image result for jansport backpacks black and red
School colors are a safe bet if you don’t know what color back pack they would want.

“By Christmas time most students’ backpacks are wrecked from huge textbooks, so getting a new one for the spring semester would be greatly appreciated.”

7. Cozy Things

Related image

“I love being cozy, so I would love to get things like fuzzy socks and soft blankets. Another great thing would be some family recipes so that when I move out I can make them and remember the coziness and warmth of spending time with my family during the holidays.”

8. Video Diaries

Image result for home video

“I suppose this is applies more to teens who go to school far away, but I would love videos of my friends and family talking to me. Kind of like a video diary of them talking about day-to-day things, telling jokes, things like that. When you go to a school far away it’s sometimes hard to get home, so you tend to forget simple things like the sound of your mom’s voice, or your baby nephews laugh.”

9. Gift Cards/Tickets to the Movies

Related image

“Now that I am older I like to go out and have fun with friends more than I like getting a new video game or a new toy. I would really like it if my parents gave me a gift card or some tickets to places like the movies, so when I’m bored on a rainy day, I have something to do with a friend. It doesn’t even have to be the movies either. It could be tickets to something like a water park, a play, or even a museum. “

I was honestly surprised at some of the super thoughtful gifts that were mentioned. I was expecting the responses to be mostly teens talking about wanting a new phone or a new car. While I’m sure that a lot of teens also want that, one comment pretty much summed up their general feelings towards gifts.

“Parents sometimes forget that Christmas is different for teens because it’s no longer about getting all the coolest toys, it’s about really appreciating the people that are helping/have helped you reach adulthood.”

I think what these teenagers are trying to say is that a lot of the times it’s nicer to receive a present that carries more sentimental value than cash value.

33 thoughts on “Gifts That Teens Really Want”

  1. I personally agree with this article because its the little things in life that matter. sometime teenagers feel unappreciated so little things that help them express who they are will bring s smile to their face. A lot of kids these days are hard to shop for but teenagers just want simple things that they can use on a day to day basis.


  2. I loved your article. It was very entertaining and I really related to it. All of the things listed were good. It’s great because I have trouble knowing what I want for Christmas so it gave me some great ideas:)


  3. These really are not the types of gifts is was expecting people to say, but I would agree that all these gifts would be something I would enjoy receiving at Christmas. A gift with meaning is so much better than a gift that cost a lot of money.


  4. I really liked how you came up with this idea, I honestly never thought about what kind of presents teens want. for me I don’t get to really choose what I want, but this can help me get something for my brother and sister.


  5. Some of these thing are things that I would want to have too. I like that as some people get older we appreciate things that we have in life right now and most of the things that we do want are things that we will be needing in the future.


  6. CD’s are always ify cause most teens download music on tablet,ipad,ipod,or phone.
    One that is a big Christmas gift is perfume or cologne.


  7. I think this was a great Article, It show that teens wanna things that would help them, like the bags for next semester. And the gift card or tickets are amazing when it a rainy day.


  8. This article is great. I honestly loved it. It explains all the problems that we have trying to tell people what we want. Since we are older it is hard to think of gifts that we want. Whenever people ask me what i want for christmas i never know what to say. So, when i read this article it reminds me of the struggle i go through trying to think of what i want. This is a perfect exaple to show to parents , friends , and family.


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