Top 4 Coldest Rooms

by Cylee Drake

In the words of The Weeknd, “I can’t feel my face.” It is no secret that McDonald County High School has some issues when it comes to classroom temperatures. You can walk from one side of the school to the other, and feel like you time traveled from Alabama to Alaska. Some fault for this is, of course, Missouri Weather, but there are undoubtedly those classrooms that ice cream would not melt in.

Source: King Arthur Flour

#4   Mrs. Martin’s Classroom

Coming in fourth place with 14% of the votes is Mrs. Martin’s classroom. Now although Mrs. Martins room is aesthetically pleasing, it is still the fourth coldest room at MCHS.


#3   Mr. Holz’s Classroom

Third place goes to Mr. Holz’s classroom. With only 15% of the votes, this classroom barely beat out Mrs. Martin’s classroom. On the bright side, however, this history class should have no problem when it comes to learning about the Cold War.

When asked why his room was so cold, Mr. Holz responded with, “Because I am a cool cat.”


#2   Mrs. Reynold’s Classroom

Coming in with 26% of the votes, second place goes to Mrs. Reynolds classroom. This is without a doubt the coldest classroom at MCHS, but as far as the coldest room at MCHS goes, the upstairs bathrooms beats all.

When asked about how often she hears her students complaining about her rooms temperature, Mrs. Reynolds stated, “Depends on the day.  The complaints were worse at the beginning of the school year because it was so hot outside and most of the students dressed appropriately for the weather.  Little did they know they need a parka to be comfortable in my class.”


#1   The Upstairs Bathrooms

With an admirable 46%, first place obviously goes to the 200 Hallway Bathrooms. In the past years, this bathroom would get so cold, Mrs. Stancell would put her space heater in there. If you have to use the restroom, I advise you to walk the extra length downstairs.


All in all, if the weather outside is not wacky, chances are inside they will be. For all students who use any of these rooms, if you have not learned by now, you may want to bring a winter coat with you, and some snow boots, and ear muffs, otherwise you won’t have ears to listen with during class.


10 thoughts on “Top 4 Coldest Rooms”

  1. I found this article interesting because it included a poll of classrooms across the campus which had the reported coolest temperature.


  2. I liked this article because it is true, and i liked how it adds the students opinion because they are the ones in the room freezing. The use of the poll is very smart.

    Liked by 1 person

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