Dutch Documentarians Visit MCHS

By Maya Dally

Two Dutch women and a New Yorker walk into a high school Spanish room. There is no punchline, they’re here to film a documentary. Nirit, Katie, and Aafke set up shop in Spanish teacher Mrs. Pullen’s classroom to interview some students who have grown up in Noel. They were interested in the recent cultural shock it’s gone through with such a large influx of refugees. They interviewed many kids who had personally been affected by this.

All of the feedback was incredibly positive, and it was apparent that the kids were absolutely fine with having new cultures brought into their community.

“We’re all really just learning from each other.” – Mrs. Pullen

Noel has always been an attraction for people outside of the county. Whether it be for the jobs at Tyson’s, the campgrounds during the summer, or a safe place for refugees, the town has been very accommodating.

Salma Ali, junior, moved to Noel from Kansas City about a year ago.

Our school has welcomed these new students with open arms. Everyone being interviewed for the documentary agreed that Noel is a great starting point for our country to learn how to accept those who are looking for a new home. In the case of Salma Ali, she said that coming to our high school has helped her open up more as a person.

“Everyone is really nice and so accepting. I like that everybody comes together during sports; the school spirit is really cool.” – Salma Ali

Jamal moved all the way from Ethiopia and has only lived in our country for one year!

Overall, our students can agree that this increase in population has brought in so many amazing people to our county. We welcome any new Mustangs to MCHS and are very excited to see what the future holds for the school, including being in a documentary!

Special thanks to Katie, Nirit, and Aafke.

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