Parking Lot Lessons

By Cylee Drake

School, “the road to success,” but this road to success leads to a very pesky parking lot. If you are not driving, be thankful. The parking lot can be the place for hang outs and engine competitions, but it also brings some difficulties. When parking, you may wonder if you parked badly or if you are straight in the spot, but chances are, it is not going to matter because every person to park after you will probably park just as bad. There are, however, some tips and tricks to the parking lot.

Tip #1: Leave your house 10 minutes earlier than normal. By doing this you ensure that you will have plenty of time to find a parking spot and possible get inside before the bell rings.

Image result for parking lot meme

Tip #2: Always bring rain boots, a winter coat, an umbrella, sunscreen, and a pair of shorts because with Missouri weather, you never if you are going to wake up to snow and then go home to 80 degree weather.

Image result for random weather meme

Tip #3: Wash your car regularly. If you do not, there is a very high chance someone is going to draw something on it that you definitely do not want to be seen on your car.

Image result for dirty car meme

Tip #4: Do not do donuts in the parking lot. Seriously. Do not do it no matter how tempting it is.

Image result for mmm donut gif

Tip #5: Make sure you look up from your phone when walking out. If you do not, you may be hit by a backing out. Just saying.

Source: Fail Blog

Tip #6: Don’t forget to turn your lights off before walking inside. No one wants a dead battery when school is out.

Image result for dead battery meme

Tip #7: Finally, do not challenge senior parking. Do not park in senior parking unless you are a senior. If you do, you will never hear the end of it. Trust me.

Image result for parking in the boss's spot meme

Most of these are pretty self explanatory and common sense, but if I have learned anything in my past few years parking in the student parking lot, it is that you can only trust your own driving and that’s only sometimes. We all have our flaws. We are not perfect. As the great Michael Scott said:

Image result for i have flaws

9 thoughts on “Parking Lot Lessons”

  1. I enjoyed this article because it provided great parking advice for students who might be just beginning to drive and park. I also enjoyed the memes that added a little humor to article.

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  2. This was a great article for advice on driving. This could really help young drivers in Missouri because yes one minute its sunny and warm the next its cold and cloudy. Also, its great to pack some things because yes your cars battery can run dead and you won’t be able to go anywhere. I Just overall Loved this article! Keep Writing!.


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