Girls Golf, Already a Hit

By Natalie Staib

Lily Allman along with Anna Mead are this year’s returning female golf players. Last year the girls played on a co-ed team. Lily, with the help of her father, started an all girls team. This is the first girls golf team at McDonald County High School. This season is sure to be a great one, with Kyle Fields as coach and six girls on the team. I asked the team and coach their thoughts on the upcoming season.

How is the girl’s team doing so far?

Coach Fields: “They’ve done great! I was impressed with the tournament at Springfield Catholic. The new girls and returning girls have both made a lot of progress in a short amount of time.”


 What are you expectations for this season?

CF: “The girls have already exceeded my expectations to be honest.”

What kinds of things are you doing to get ready for matches?

CF: “We are building the team, working on the fundamentals, and the etiquette of the game.”


How did the girl’s team get its start?

CF: “Lily Allman and Anna Mead helped grow an interest in golf with their friends and more girls joined the team making it possible for an all girls team.”



What is the difference between girl’s and boy’s golf?

CF: “The rules of he game are the same, but girls play in the fall and boys play in the spring.”

What are the benefits of a separate boy’s and girl’s teams?

CF: “Girls only play against girls and boys play against boys, this make things equal. It also allows the coach to focus on one team at a time.”

Interview with Lily Allman


So who all is on the team this year?

Lilly Allman: “Me (Lily Allman), Alexia Estrada, Anna Mead, London Trudeau, Jolie Stipp, and Kylea Meador.”

Are you excited for this season?

LA: “Yes I am excited. We’ve been practicing everyday after school to get ready for this season.”

How do you feel about your coach?

LA: “He’s great! Coach Fields always has a good attitude and encourages us to do our best.”


15 thoughts on “Girls Golf, Already a Hit”

  1. How exciting is it that we (finally!) have a Girls Golf team at our school! Thanks to Lily for pushing our school to finally embrace this sport as well as to Natalie for featuring the awesome talents of our Girls Golf team! Go Lady Mustangs!


  2. I love this article because its spreading the word about our girls golf team. I also think it’s a great thing that we now have separate golf teams because now the girls have equal competition.


  3. 1(It was a nice thing to do for Lily’s dad to start a golf team.2(The real good thing I liek about this is Lily’s dad is a real good coach.


  4. Good job Lilly for getting a girls golf team and getting other people at loving the sport as well. Good job Natalie at the article.


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