Advice for Freshman

By Reagan DeSpain and Sierra Sayers

The first day jitters are normal so don’t worry, everyone gets them. You won’t be thrown in a trash bin or get your lunch tray dumped on your head, but here are some things you should think about it. Everyone here has been a freshman just like you are right now. You will learn the ways of highschool. They aren’t too hard to understand. I’m sure you’ll have the hang of it by next semester, but just to give you a head start, we decided to ask the grownups in the building what they think freshman should do. High school is said to be the best four years of your life, but what they don’t tell is the unspoken rules. Don’t worry, we got them for you.


“Learn to use your student planner. It will help with due dates.” –Mrs. Holloway


“No skipping. It’ll effect you in the long run. It’s not cool.” -Jose Valdez


“Find something to be involved in.” -Greg Leach


“Do not miss school. Stay on your side of the hallways. Stop asking people for snack money, it’s annoying. Don’t let people copy your work. No drama. Stop judging other people. Everybody is human, nobody is better than anybody else. Be responsible. Respect the dress code. Shower. If you cannot shower at home don’t be afraid to shower in the locker room. Eat lunch!” -Shaenna White and Carly Mullin


“Dont worry too much about what other people are doing; just make sure you’re doing the right things.” -Theresa Walthall


“You do you, boo boo.” -Heather Brown


“Get all your stuff done then you can have fun for the last 2 years.” -Kirsten Burt


“Get involved in something. Come to games. Be a part of what we’re all doing .”                     -Mr. Wilkie


“Always be yourself and never transform into what popular society is like.”                            -Cameron Stafford


“Best four years of your life” -Chris Anacito


“Take school more seriously start off on the right foot!” -Mrs. Unruh


“Go out everyday with a smile and just have a great time.” -Zachary Stewart

High school isn’t a deathtrap and its nothing to get a headache about. You’ll be an upperclassmen and ruling this school before you know it. So eat lunch, do your work, and come to school. You’ll be just fine.

32 thoughts on “Advice for Freshman”

  1. WOW, this article is so helpful. It would have been so cool to have an article like this my freshman year. Keep up the good work.


  2. I wish I would have had all of this advice coming to the high school as a freshman, it would have helped me so much more than what I knew. I got in sports and also got involved in other activities and I have not regretted anything yet. Now I am a junior so this means I do not have too much longer to do the things I want.


  3. 1. I really liked how there are positive comments and advice from teachers and students on this article.
    2. I also enjoyed the fact that people were concerned enough to make this article.


  4. This article is very helpful for not only freshman but for everyone! I especially loved Jose’s comment, he is a prime example of it!


  5. This was helpful loves, good job!!

    This helps a lot of freshmen think clearly about what they should do, like join a club or a sport, or just come to the events. This also helps all of us freshmen not be so nervous with you guys reminding us you’ve been in our shoes. thank you ladies for taking your time and thinking about us.


  6. I love all these tips and they are all very helpful. I’d also agree with getting involved because it helps you meet new people.


  7. I would say that the article is a good thing,it would help a lot for freshman people advice so they know what to get into what sports and events that happen and it is a good thing


  8. this is very useful in the long run and the freshman should remember to keep them self from getting a big ego. dont try to be top dog just do your stuff and survive.


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