The Magical Months of High School

By Cylee Drake

Back to school and back to crying. Many students let all of their tears out back in July when all of the “Back to School” ads were coming out, but for some, it is thinking of the months ahead that bring them to tears. For those students who are weary and unprepared for the upcoming months, the following quotes could bring some ease and insight.


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August. The month of finishing summer homework, getting schedules, and sadly, setting wake up alarms. Oh! And also more crying.


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Speaking of alarms, September holds the first, and much needed long weekend. By the end of August, most students are looking for a labor lacking Labor Day Weekend.


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October is the month when every student thinks they have it all figured out. They know where all of their classes are, they have been through a couple of Fast Fridays, and they understand the havoc the hallways hold, but in a blink of an eye they could be failing four classes, sick with the flu, and have a car that just broke down.



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November is the month of remembering what you are thankful for. Some students will say they are thankful for their parents, or they are thankful for their teachers. Let’s be honest, all students are simply thankful for a small thing called Thanksgiving Break.



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Yes, Christmas Break is right around the corner, you can almost smell the pine trees, but by this point in the year, there is something else that is breaking: students’ backs. Students are carrying at least 3 binders, 4 notebooks, 2 textbooks, 1 pencil (if they even have one left), and phone, and only one of those things are truly useful.


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January brings cold weather, that is a given, but what all students hope for is that it also brings snow days. For all students, except maybe some seniors, snow days are a blessing. Just sit back and relax, school won’t be starting for another week.


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February is the month of that awkward tango of “what day is it.” As a student you may find yourself still putting 2018 on your papers instead of 2019, but if you have anything to remember, it is that we will probably not have a February long weekend due to the stupid snow in January.


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March is the month of indecisiveness. It can not decide between being 70 degrees and 30 degrees. One morning you will wake up, and it will be pitch black outside. The next, you are being woken up early by the sun shining through your window. In March, students learn to wear shorts to school, but also bring a winter coat because odds are, if your classroom is not freezing, it will be outside.


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If you are not sneezing at this point, give it a week. Chances are you will see your teachers bringing out the disinfectant, but they will also have their windows open letting in pollen to make you sneeze more. April is that time of year when people can not breath due to allergies, but to make matter’s worse, EOC’s start tomorrow.


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May. The month of excuses. Students will find every excuse to why they did not turn in their homework or why they did not get a good night’s rest the night before or even an excuse for why their last excuse fell through. It is the end of the school year, and all students can think of is going to the creek, hanging with their friends, and playing video games. Honestly, the teachers are probably thinking of the same thing.


Disclaimer: These quotes are meant in no way to offend any student or teacher, nor are these quotes 100% accurate. High school is ultimately what you make it, so focus on the fun and do not forget, when life brings you lemons, send them back and say you want limes. Never settle for less.

3 thoughts on “The Magical Months of High School”

  1. okay, this is so relatable. looking forward to days you get to sleep in and days you get to have fun. I mean I love school, but the drama is too much. made my viewpoint way better:)


  2. Wow, I actually quite like school but I do have bad days and today was TOTALLY one of them. It was filled with DRAMA DRAMA DRAMA…and pain. I was totally ready to leave school and never come back. I read this article and it made my bad day just a little bit better, so THANK YOU!


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