MCHS eSports Club Update

By Jacob Cooper and Maya Dally

On February 8th, the MCHS eSports team went and represented themselves in front of the school board. After discussing it with the Board, they finally approved them, letting them compete against other schools.


eSports team pictured above at the School Board meeting after they were approved


It’s been almost two months since the McDonald County High School decided to allow students to participate in competitive gaming, and club attendance has never been stronger. The club has some of the most loyal attendees consistently showing up to each and every practice.

The club’s members have put their entire heart into this, practicing hour after hour and learning the skills they need to compete.

“Unlike any other sport, eSports changes on a weekly basis. Some weeks are full of pain and headaches, while others are full of wins.”  -Kamireon Douglas 

Since the club came together in mid-December, they have had multiple after-school practices, working on trust, teamwork, and perseverance. It’s been a wild ride, but the club has already left a lasting legacy just by starting the first ever eSports team.

For everyone that supported us, thank you.