Forgotten Cartoons

By Michael Mann

There are many things you may have forgotten from the past. Don’t believe me? Well, leave. For everyone else, however, I’ll be showing some examples of cartoons you’ve probably forgotten all about.

My Gym Partner’s a Monkey

Source: Fanpop

This is a cartoon I used to watch quite a bit when I was younger. It’s about a kid named Adam Lyon ending up in a new all-animal school called Charles Darwin Middle School because of a typo changing his name from “Lyon” to “Lion.”  It aired on Cartoon Network from 2005-2008 and had four seasons. I remember absolutely nothing about this show other than I use to watch and enjoy it quite a bit. Keep in mind this was way before I knew the difference between quality shows and “Teen Titans Go” type shows.

Krypto the Superdog

Source: Fandom

This is the type of cartoon you’ve probably watched at least once when you were younger. It’s about Superman’s puppy, Krypto, that he had before Krypton had blown up. Krypto was sent to Earth and arrived when he was a fully grown dog with similar abilities to Superman. He then was adopted by a nine-year-old boy named Kevin Whitney. Thought to be an ordinary Labrador Retriever, Krypto secretly performs heroic deeds and fights evil. I remember only two things, one: watching this occasionally but never really enjoyed it as much as other shows that were airing, and two: the theme song. It was also a pretty bad cartoon.

My Life as a Teenage Robot


If you don’t know this show it was a Nickelodeon show about a robot named Jenny (XJ-9)  made by a mad scientist to protect the world from destruction. Sounds like a basic plot right? Well get this, she is also a teenager! It sounds generic, but it’s actually a really good show. One of the best things about this show is that Jenny actually seems to be an actual teenager unlike the modern Nickelodeon sitcoms, which I find funny that they are able to make an animated robot feel more life-like than actually teenage actors. I mean seriously I still watch this show occasionally just because it’s actually a quality show. I suggest seeing this show again if you forgot about this or never watched it at all.

Oggy and the Cockroaches:

Source: Youtube

Oh boy, Oggy and the Cockroaches. It’s about a cat named Oggy that has three cockroaches as roommates who cause havoc such as raiding the fridge, and, oh no, get this, they have to clean up their messes! Remember this? Though you may have never watched it, you’ve probably seen one commercial of this series. I personal never watched it because I never enjoyed watching Tom & Jerry type of shows. Also, the plot is absolutely stupid. Even though this isn’t exactly forgotten from time, rather forgotten from being canceled after showing a picture of a topless lady, err… mutant, in a small frame. I thought I should still include it on the list because I think a lot of people forgot about this show after the cancellation. Also warning, If you aren’t a fan of gross-out humor, I suggest clicking off the article NOW! Just slightly scroll down the page to see the title and you’ll know what I’m talking about. You have been warned.

Pig Goat Banana Cricket

maxresdefault (1)
Incredible, you can see what this show is about from just this one frame, gross-out humor.

*Inhales for 10 seconds* Pig Goat Banana Cricket was a show that recently aired on Nickelodeon before it’s low ratings demonstrated everyone hated this show, so they started airing on Nicktoons where it was slowly was forgotten about until this article forgotten cartoons. This show has about the amount of creativity the man who invented the CD Rewinder. The plot is just about personifying anything and everything, hence the banana in the show.  I would rather slam my head in my door as hard as possible for 5 minutes then have a gallon of bleach poured into my eyes  while being strapped down to suffer through the unimaginable pain of my eyes burning (unless it kills me right then, I am not a bleach expert and too lazy to look up if it would) all the while listening to a 10-hour loop of Katy Perry songs than watch this cartoon! Yeah, I turned this forgotten cartoons into the worst cartoons of all time, sorry everyone!


Well hope you enjoyed my article, I am not in the mood to do a close because I had to watch a couple episodes of Pig Goat Banana Cricket just to get a grip to see what it was actually about. All I want to do right now is lay down and cry. I did get an idea for my next article by doing this though, The absolute worst cartoons of all time.

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