Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


By Kedisha Jack

We all want that one look where you look all natural. Well now for those who struggle you finally can, and you can also get that “Rihanna Glow”. Many are so hyped for this product, and now you can go and try it.  Rihanna released her new makeup line Fenty Launch on September 8. After two years of development and months of teasing, it’s finally here for everyone to try.

Pro Filt’r: Soft Matte Longwear Foundation ($34 ; Sephora) 

Coming in 40 different types of shades, The Pro Filt’r keeps your skin pore diffused, and gives skin an instant smoothness, and it gives you a medium to full coverage. The Oil-free helps with sweat and climate and adaptive technology, Which helps with sweat not causing it to clog pores. It’s “light as air” texture is undetectable on skin.  

I wanted to make sure that all women of all skin tones were covered, so they could be included on what I have created.” -Rihanna


Pro Filt’r: Instant Retouch Primer ($32 ; Sephora)

This Oil Free Primer smooths away the look of pores. It absorbs shine without making you feel dry and chalky, which makes your foundation smooth when you apply and it makes it last longer. The texture of the primer gives you the “touch me now” texture that gives skin with the lightest possible feel. The Pro Filt’r Primer is made to fit all skin tones.

I wanted this primer to feel soft and moisturizing at the same time, as well as do the job of keeping makeup on.” -Rihnanna



Killawatt Freestyle Highlighters ($34) And Match Stick Shimmer SkinStick ($25)

Killawhatt Freestyle Highlighters comes in 6 shades. Killawatt is not like any other highlighter because it keeps skin lit beyond sundown. It’s loaded with superfine shimmer for an ultra-smooth, creamy texture. For killer radiance, you can literally put it anywhere you “crave a touch of light”.  With the magnetic match shimmer sticks that give you that glow coming in 10 universal shades that catch light in ways you never dreamed of.

“You can use it on any part of your face… you look at it and think “is it gonna deliver?” – is it gonna deliver? – then BAM, it delivers.” -Rihanna








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