Why MCHS Is the Best

MCHS in 1967

By Maya Dally

I’m currently a sophomore here at MCHS, and it hasn’t taken long for me to see that our school is incredible. Growing up, I moved around a lot, and because of the general anxieties that come with being the new kid, it was always difficult for me to adapt to a new school.  However, arriving at MCHS was a breath of fresh air. Everyone that I met was kind and welcoming, and in honor of that pleasant experience, I’ve decided to find out what it is exactly that makes MCHS so incredible, including asking others why they feel the same way. Needless to say, their answers only prove why MCHS is the best.

The cafeteria might have changed, but our school spirit hasn’t.

A Brief History

Our school, as most others, has a bit of a history as to how it came to be. Starting out, our high school was just comprised of Pineville and Anderson in 1966. That year, the students were able to elect our present-day mascot, the Mustang, and our school colors, red and black.

Chromebooks looked a little different back then

After Noel joined, the school district wanted to move the high school closer to the middle of the county, near Lanagan, to make it easier for students to get there, but it never happened. Later on, Southwest City and Rocky Comfort joined the school district, while Goodman joined with the Neosho school district.

Friendliness has always been on the cafeteria’s menu.

Although the consolidation of towns made MCHS one of the larger area high schools, many county residents, including the school’s secretary Jessica Pratt, feel the school has always maintained a small town atmosphere.

“We all know each other by name. It just has a safe, close-knit feeling. We come together in times of need, and it’s just such a loving place.” – Jessica Pratt

The Mustang Statue has always been a popular selfie destination

School Spirit

It’s no secret that our high school students, staff, and families have a lot of school spirit. If there is one thing we can say, it’s that we are proud of where we live. Athletic events are flooded with red, white, and black filling the stands. The loudest cheers are coming from our side.

 “We come together as a family. We cheer on our team and have each other’s backs.” – Jacob Cooper, senior

Many people including Caleb Curtis and Natalie Staib agree with Jacob. They’re definitely not wrong about that, as most everyone can agree that we are able to support so many of our classmates.

People in our area are always more than happy to help others in the community, building the good name that we, as a county, deserve. We’ve been known as a place where others can come to feel welcomed and accepted. Our school shows a lot of support for anyone who needs it, and we are proud of our diverse atmosphere.

I’ve worked in plenty of other places, and the students are very intolerant there. But here, our kids are so tolerant and just great overall.” – Mrs. K


It’s not just locals who think our school is special. MCHS has also been recognized on National Ratings as one of the best high schools in the country, and our test scores reflect that.

We have a 68% proficiency rating in English and a 76% proficiency rating in Math. Through the years, our testing systems have changed quite a bit, moving toward a more standardized test. Most everyone in our county can say that they’re proud of how far we’ve come as a school, including our grades.

Students and Staff

Some students (like Coach Smith) love the school so much they never leave.

Along with having good grades, our students’ attitudes are a big component of what makes this place so great. Teachers will agree every time, and even get emotional just as Mrs. Grab and Mrs. K did while talking about their students.

“We live in a community of so many great people, but the students are the reason why I come here every day.” – Mrs. Grab, English teacher.

It’s not just the students that excel, but all of our staff does an incredible job at making sure students are comfortable and happy with where we are.

“The kitchen staff and custodians are absolutely wonderful,” says another senior, Kaitlin Walker, “They put in so much effort, and we’re so grateful for what they do.”

This community is so full of wonderful, caring people that it’s hard not to love it. All of these answers go without saying that we definitely have one of the best schools around. Anyone can see, even just from the statements above, that we all love our high school and the people involved in it. We all can appreciate just how much dedication and hard work goes into making sure we maintain this greatness. I don’t know about you, but I’m proud to be a Mustang!