Book Review: Young Elites


By Tierra Welch

Some hate us, some fear us, some worship us, but all know us.

An illness swept through all of the Kenettra, killing adults and leaving the children marked. The change in hair color, the marks on the skin, even the missing could be a mark. However, that’s not all. The marks lie deep within the young people of Kenettra, marks the eyes cannot see. The fever also gave these selected children supernatural powers, which is why the rest of the population is killing them.

Adelina Amouteru has only ever wanted to be loved and valued, but when the fever hit her small town, taking both her mother and her eye, that chance of love went through the window. She became a marked malfetto as people call them. Mistakes from the gods. Tortured by her father for something she could not control, sold for the sake of her family’s reputation, all that built up fear and hate finally releases the night she escapes. She kills her father and is captured by the Inquisition who brings her to the stake to be burned. She is saved by the Young Elites, a group of vigilante malfettos set on rising to power. She must now learn to become one of them, which comes with a price.

Enzo was the crown Prince of Kenettra before the fever marked him. Then he disappeared after discovering his ability to control and produce fire. He then leads the Daggers or as many call them, the Young Elites. He saves Adelina from being another victim of the Inquisition’s justice, but after learning that her powers solely revolves around fear and hate puting everything he’s worked for in danger, he still can’t bring himself to cast her out. As they become closer and closer through her training, he finds himself falling in love with her. However, he won’t let her get in the way of his throne.

The Inquisition is breathing down Adelina’s neck. Enzo is closer to the throne than he ever was because of Adelina’s dark gift. But the inquisition seems to know everything they are doing before they do it. It seems there’s a traitor in the midst, but who is it? 

Young Elites by Marie Lu bestselling author of Legend creates a whole new world of powers and sickness. It’s a wonderfully written book. I liked it very much and I enjoyed the love story within the pages even though I hated the ending (but that’s because I cried and not for any lack of enjoyment).

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