Tech-Time With Nerds

By Luke Burruss

The Mobile Battle

For years developers of Android and Apple have been battling to be the best mobile maker. From the beginning, customers have battled amongst themselves as to which is better. According to Jacob Cooper, Apple is way more tech savvy. Android failed me, my Apple devices have always lasted longer.

“Android failed me, my Apple devices have always lasted longer,” Cooper said. “Also, they’ve way better emotes.”



Eric Teeters disagrees.

” I enjoy using Android over Apple because it’s easier to use, and the set-up is simple,” Teeters said. “Apple users have to constantly update phones, whereas Android is more of a pick of a litter. I mainly use Android for calling, texting, and moderate gameplay. In my opinion, the core processors are better in Android than in Apple. Honestly, Androids are just way more straightforward.”

Mr. Whitehead claims that each has their own perks.

“Apple knows their hardware because they make it themselves,” Whitehead said. “With Android, they make it for half a dozen companies. Apple is consistent while Android is flexible. There really isn’t gonna be a time where Apple beats Android or vice versa.”



With shiploads of different opinions, the question still remains, which is better? We can’t honestly and with 100% certainty say which is better.  And so, my question to you dear reader, which do you think is better? Apple, or Android?


Author: Luke Burruss

I'm highly enthralled by magic, science, and reading!

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