Opinion: Senioritis



By Kedisha Jack 

Yes, it’s here our last year of High School and into the real world, where we become adults. Many seniors come back from winter break, finishing up their college applications, and start to lag. Assignments are not being completed, and a bad case of procrastination is starting to kick in.

It might be just the end of high school, but it’s also the beginning of the college life.  And yes, they do notice. Some colleges do notice what you do the second semester in your senior year. They might wonder, “Is this student really determined?”, or “Can they handle their current responsibilities?”  because may be this student isn’t capable of handling the demands of a college curriculum.

Yes, colleges can rescind application, especially \for those who are going to a highly selective college. If you drop from an “A” to a “D” average during the spring semester, they might not let you start in the fall.  Some colleges notice these slip ups, and some will take in these students depending on their GPA during their first semester. Slip-ups can also affect your financial aid, so if your grades slide on your last semester you will have to pay – literally. Colleges reserve the right to take away scholarships if the student isn’t up to his/her academic responsibilities.

There are ways to prevent “senioritis” The second semester is when procrastination crashes through. No one wants to do the work or even bother to show up to school. We all just wanna get it over with. You can always set goals. Instead of setting up long goals, set up small goals to get through the semester. Set up weekly ones like finishing up an essay or like set up your task into little chunks. Improve your study skills, schedule your time, and study when needed to instead of slacking. Take time to relax. There’s no need to pressure yourself. College applications and such can cause pressure and make students worry more about the application than the actual school work. Relax. Make some time with family and friends, treat yourself, recharge, and try not to put so much weight on your shoulders.

Senioritis is funny and all to the underclassman, but it’s seriously contagious when it comes to the last year of high school. Just make the best of it and just try not to slack.IMG_0980




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