Opinion: Teenage Reality


By Danisha Hadley

Remember when you were a kid and saw all these things that older kids were doing and thought to yourself “Oh my gosh, I can’t wait until I’m a big kid, so I can do those things!”, but now you’re a “big kid” and don’t understand what all the hype was about or why you wanted to rush time.


kylie-jenner.jpg (620×413)One of the things I was most excited about was driving. I couldn’t wait to drive myself wherever or just go out with my friends without parents. But after a few weeks, the excitement died down and my hate for driving started to grow. You figure out driving for fun is only a once in awhile occurrence while driving for responsibilities or other people is the majority of your time. Also, gas, unfortunately, costs money.

High School

04fbdb85e993e4b48496cb59c16f5225--musicals-funny-things.jpg (302×403)

As a kid growing up watching all 3 High School Musical movies, I was extremely excited to get to high school. But after you get here, you wish you could just go back to elementary school where all you had to be mad about was watching The Polar Express for the thousandth time during your school Christmas party instead of studying for finals. School becomes harder and harder to wake up for especially for those of us who have a serious case of senioritis.



As a kid, I looked at older teens partying and going out every weekend and was a little jealous that I had to stay home and was always with my parents. Now that I’m at an age where I can go out, sneaking out takes too much effort to carry out successfully, and after so many weekends of going out, you start to appreciate just chilling at home with food and your phone.



Another thing I was extremely excited for was a job. Making money and spending it however you wish made me super excited. But then reality kicks in, and you realize you can’t just blow money as soon as you receive it, you have to save.


Being a “big kid” can be fun and you have more freedom, but  I can’t help but the simple joys and stress-free lifestyle of a child.




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