Recap: Time After Time


By Tierra Welch

We were left on a cliff hanger March 19 with the fourth episode when John Stevenson meets his match in a beautiful doctor Brooke as H.G. and Jane travel back to the 1980s. But then John steals the time machine which conclude episode four Secrets Stolen.

On the fifth, which aired March 26, we learn that John, Jack the Ripper, has a son. Then John learns that the son he just learned he had, died in 1918 during World War I in Paris, France. That is where John has traveled too. He wants to save his son. H.G. follows him, determined to stop him before he can alter the fabric of time.

In the beginning of the episode, it opened with footage of World War I. Why would they watch that? Because they want to learn why John would choose to travel to Paris 1918. Wells concludes of John’s conquest in Paris, Pauline Ayers, which allows Jane to look up her genealogy where they learn of Henry Ayers, John’s son.

Because 1893 and 1918 aren’t as different as 1893 and 2017, John easily acclimates himself. Meaning he immediately kills some guy and steals his money, clothing, and papers. Although no one seems to ask how Vanessa providing era-appropriate currency and clothing. Then H.G. once again proves that he is still a man from 1893 and is not used to women having so much rights, in fact H.G. is actually surprised Jane had thought she was going with him.

So H.G. goes alone straight into WWI. Shall we point out how bad H.G. is at time traveling. He just learned that the human race slaughtered each other in World War I as far as we know he doesn’t speak any french. He has a vague idea where to start. Like, seriously, he should always use the buddy system when it comes to time traveling.

Although John, as always is charming and smooth with his words. As much as we can expect from a world wide known murder. John befriends Henry’s French bartender girlfriend, Margot, who points him in the direction of Henry, then becomes fast friends with John.

We obviously know that the reason John would ever care to save his son’s life is for the possibility of having a mini John that could mentally relate to him. But, Henry is a military medic that’s 100 percent committed to saving lives, unlike John. He doesn’t see the blurred lines John does. In fact, Henry is more like H.G. than John. “We either reject the darkness, or we let it destroy us” Henry says, which is my favorite quote so far.

As far as we can tell Henry absolutely hates his father because he talks crap on him right to John’s face unaware that John is his father. But John doesn’t abandon his plan to save Henry’s life. As Brooke has so helpfully mentioned last week, this is the day Henry died, on an ambushed transport vehicle. John’s plan is simple, don’t let Henry get on the transport vehicle. But H.G. of course has to stop him from doing the only possible good thing John will ever do.