It has just Begun…


By Bailey Sherrell

Another graduating class will leave us while we gain new freshmen. My freshmen year started with new schedules, crazy new information, sometimes crying, sometimes laughing, and making some new friends. It started all very new to me. And then as a month went by, and another, I started to think this place was my school and I enjoyed it, mostly.

I’m not an honor student; I’m not at all good at math. And that’s finally started to affect the way I feel about school. I pay attention. I try to understand, and sometimes I actually do. Most the time I don’t. But that cannot stop me from having a good high school experience.

I still have a few years to go before I’m the one graduating. And I’m okay with that because I have started to know this school. And I am glad to start knowing more.

With my classes picked out, I can’t help but think, How? This school year has gone by so fast. I’m going to be a Sophomore.                                                                                                                                

To all the new Freshmen, Your high school experience depends on YOU. How you act and listen will help make these years some of the best you can have.

And this county has gone through a lot of loss…But this county has stuck together through it all. Through all the loss and happiness. We have lost people and gained people. Together, we make this county, and this high school. And my time has just begun.


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