What To Do If You Don’t Have A Prom Date


By Luke Boze

Prom is an experience that everyone should have in their lives. It’s a night to remember forever and so many great memories are made. It’s all about fancy dresses, tuxes, and having fun with friends; you go to dinner then prom itself and then the time after prom when go eat pancakes at 2 a.m with your closest friends.

You also get to have a date, maybe a close friend or your significant other, but that’s where there can be a major setback. What if you don’t have a date? Does that mean you don’t get to go to prom? You may ask yourself, “Would it be lame if I go without a date?” and the answer is no, it wouldn’t be lame. Prom isn’t all about having a date, it’s about having fun, but if you don’t have a date here are some things you can do.

Go as a Group– If you don’t have a date you can always find other friends that don’t have a date and go as one big group. You can still do all the things that other people do. Go have dinner at a fancy restaurant, and have an awesome after party. It may possibly be better than going with just one person.

Go Alone- Going “alone” might sound lame, but in reality it is probably a good choice. If you go by yourself, you can leave at any point without running the risk of someone hating you because you cut their prom short. You don’t have to spend money on a fancy dinner, so you can do what you want with the money that you would have spent on dinner. The best part of going alone is that you can just leave and go home and sleep, because the Lord knows we all need more of that.

Have The Time of Your Life- This is the best option. You can never go wrong with this one. Go to prom, eat a fancy dinner, and have pancakes at 2 a.m. Show up wearing the cutest dress, or the best looking tux. Be the life of the party, have so much fun that you think that you’re going to die from exhaustion. Go and show all of those girls or guys that didn’t want to be your prom date what they’re missing out on. Show them that you were a total catch and just live it up at prom, go nuts, win prom queen or king. Bottom line, show people how to have fun.

Everyone needs to go to prom, so don’t let not having a date stop you. It is a night to remember, but only if you go and enjoy it because if you don’t it’s pretty much like every other night. So go out and have a blast whether you have a date or not.

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